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This post is for all my blogger friends who struggle to come up with ideas, or have writers block when it comes to blog post ideas. Running out of ideas is something I don’t have a problem with and I am excited to share all my ideas with you!

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18 Blog Post Ideas:

1. 10 Podcasts You Need to Know: Do you lve listing to podcasts? Share your favorites on your blog like this example by The Chriselle Factor.

2. Lux Beauty Products: It’s more common to see how to save on beauty products, but everyone likes to splurge now and then. Show off what you love to treat your self to like Makeup Savvy.

3. 15 Local Coffee Shops: Have you traveled somewhere new recently? Did you stop at some amazing cafes? Share them! Or you can even share some local spots near you. I love what Bloglovin’ did here.

4. Five Blog Posts that have Helped You: Do you have some favorite tips and tricks to blogging or have helped you in your business? Share them with your followers and link to the posts like Career Girl Daily did. You can also link back to some of your old posts that apply!

5. 9 Parisian Homes You Need to See: Maybe you love Paris or perhaps you’re into Scandinavian design? Share interiors of a certain theme for inspiration, make sure you link back to the correct image source. I love this example here.

6. Dreamy Ideas for Your Night Stand: If you have found some interesting decor online, a great way to share it is with picking an area of a room and focusing on it with some cute products. You can also use this opportunity to use affiliate links like Daily Dream Decor did here.

7. Build A Wardrobe: Maybe you are into work out attire or minimalistic clothing, build a wardrobe idea post around it like the Everygirl did here.

8. A Look to Try: Are you loving a new trend this season? A post about how to wear it will excite your followers and get them excited to try the trend as well. Look what Badlands did with this denim trend.

9. The Perfect Leather Jacket: Do you have a favorite item you wear every day? Show your readers how you style it! Fashion Squad does this perfectly.

10. Fashion Week Coverage: Show what your favorite fashionistas are wearing to fashion week with a fashion week round up. Try showing London or Milan fashion week since everyone blogs about New York. I do love this round up on Bloglovin’.

11. Hair Tutorials: Applies to makeup tutorials too! Show your favorite blog posts or Youtube videos with how-to’s. One of my personal favorites is Angela Lanter’s makeup tutorials.

12. What You are Reading Right Now: I love checking out what people are reading, it gives me great ideas for when I hit up the book store. A round of your favorite books within a certain theme is a great way to share something personal and informational. Check our Luella & June’s post.

13. Your Latest Air B&B Vacation Rental: Stay at an awesome Air B&B place lately? Share some images and your review on your blog! You never know where people are traveling and hoping to rent a home. A personal review is super helpful. Habitually Chic did something similar on her blog.

14. Recipe Round up: Everyone runs out of recipes and sharing your favorites is a great way for readers to consider your blog a resource. Post your favorite recipe links and anything you learned while making it. I.E. the recipes says to boil for 5 minutes but it could really use 10-15 minutes.

15. A Personal Learning Experience: I love what In the Front Row did here by sharing things she wished she had done as a teenager. A personal post is a great way to connect with your readers but also teaching them something makes the post unforgettable.

16. Your Creative Process: Are you a writer or an artist? Show the behind the scenes of your how you work. Show a day in the life, and offer tips and tricks that your readers can implement into their own lives. The Private Life of a Girl, shows how she plans out a year in advance.

17. Amp up Your Breakfast: Added something to your favorite meal lately? Share it! I don’t typically love almonds plain but I added them to my oatmeal while it was cooking and they softened up and were delicious! Share some food tips with your readers like Bluebird did.

18. Positive Habits: Do you have a killer morning routine? Share how you do it with your readers like Hanna Stefansson did here. Don’t get too preachy just offer suggestions for shedding some light on a stressful day.

I hope these headlines and tips help you! Like I said above, I am always up for brainstorming ideas so shoot me a comment below if you are feeling stuck, or head over to Instagram and let’s chat there!


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2015 was a crazy, but wonderful, year. I had some lows, but all in all, I feel pretty grateful for the highs. We welcomed our sweet new baby girl, Wren, and I could not be happier that she is here. With each new year I am always making promises to myself: eat (much) less, drink less coffee, try to find balance, etc. But this year I am making a promise to myself to live more simply.

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This year I am launching my personal portfolio site for my writing work. Instead of trying to do everything, I am going to time manage better. Here are 9 ways I am simplifying my life. I hope they help you as well! Happy New Year!

1. Time Manage: This year I am trying something new. I am going to blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday in order to make time for client work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Because I have been blogging every day for the past two years, it makes it tough for me to fit in time for family and clients. Starting TODAY I will be here M/W/F!

2. Try Not to Feel Guilty About Saying “No”: Last year I learned a lot about saying no to projects and to anything that I didn’t feel as though I had the time to fit in. At first it was great! I can say no to things I don’t want to do? Fabulous! However, I started to feel an enormous amount of guilt. Feeling guilty is the worst! This year I am going to work on not feeling bad about saying no. I feel worse when I commit and then can’t follow through, so being honest and saying I can’t is much easier.

3. Let go of FOMO: The fear of missing out…UGH! With three little ones, I have been missing out on all the fun the past month. I am going to work hard on not letting it get to me. In turn, I think I will be more present and tuned in for the opportunities that I can participate in.

4. Let Go: I wouldn’t say I am a control freak, BUT I have been blogging for so long (five years this March!) that it is hard to let go of control. Moving from blogging here every day to three days a week was a tough decision for me, but I know it will pay off. I also have two employees who are doing a fabulous job, and that even allowed me to take two months off. Handing over projects that bog me down was the first step in the right direction and has made me more productive.

5. Get Rid of Junk: Junk mail that is! Over the holidays I went through my email to get rid of junk. I get over 500 emails a day, and it was totally ridiculous. I unsubscribed to all shopping sites (sorry!) as well as sites that I don’t visit any more. Today I am taking the time to unsubscribe to blog sites and add the RSS to my inbox instead. This way I can read my favorite blogs when I have time. Having an uncluttered inbox is the best way to start simplifying in the new year.

6. Use iCal: I am the queen of iCal, but this tip is for anyone is who not using it. Setting up your calendar is so key to living simply. I used to have a personal, work and family calendar. Now I have everything in iCal, which you can color coordinate (blue for Luke, green for travel, peach for blogging etc) and everything is at my fingertips. I couldn’t live without it!

7. Take a Technology Time Out: I took a three day “tech time out” over break, and I didn’t even think about it! It was nice to unplug and be more present. I use my phone and computer to tune in at night, but once I made an effort not to, I realized how much I look at my phone during the day. I put my phone on vibrate and only looked at it when the family was out and about (in case of an emergency). We are all so connected all the time, it can be stressful. Take a few days off!

8. Go Outside: New England is SO cold in the winter, and I feel like I hardly ever get outside, especially with a new baby. However, I just read that all you need is 15 minutes outside to get your daily vitamin D. I am committing to 15 minutes every day to breathe in the fresh air. Being outside gives clarity to your life, and it’s a great way to connect and live more simply.

9. Keep Your To-Do List Simple: I am starting a bullet journal this year for the first time in hopes of making my to-do lists simple. I have a VERY LONG to-do list, and when I can’t get to everything on it, I start to feel stressed. Bullet journaling helps you get more done and takes away the guilt when you can’t get to a task that day. Check out the video to see exactly how it works.

I hope you enjoyed these tips, and I would love to know what you do to simplify. Comment below or visit Facebook and let me know there!

Wesleigh is wearing Gap Kids and was photographed by Rebecca Hansen.

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Lately positive habits have been on my mind. And in particular, my morning habits. How you start the morning can really have an impact on the mood of your entire day. Have you ever had “one of those mornings” (especially on a Monday)? It can ruin the whole vibe of your day, blech! Try these mood boosting habits during your morning routine, and let me know if you have any tips yourself.

1. Morning Mantra: I love a good mantra, but one that gets me out of bed and feeling great is even better! Mondays are the perfect day to set an intention (Mondays can be rough). Try setting one for your day, then make it last all week by repeating it every morning before you get out of bed. My latest favorite is “It’s (Monday) morning, today is a great day to start anew. I am going to be positive and grateful for every experience today.” Let me know yours (comment below or on Instagram). I would love to hear!

2. Get Moving: Stretching in bed before you get up is great for your body. Get that blood circulating though your body! Here is a quick routine you can do before stepping into your slippers…

3. Meditate: I learned to meditate because getting up before the kids was the only time I had to myself to practice it. It ended up being perfect for me because I am TIRED and being tired was the only was to really shut out the outside world and be in the moment. At the end of the day, I have way too much on my mind to zen out. Here are some tips to get relaxed.

4. Eat Breakfast: The very first thing you should put into your body before any caffeine, is room temperature, lemon water. There are endless studies on how great it is for your digestive system. I keep some next to my bed so I don’t even have to move except to reach over and grab my water bottle when I first wake up. Next I have either tea, coffee or a smoothie with either oatmeal or a piece of toast. Breakfast is the MOST important meal! Skipping a healthy breakfast not only makes you cranky, but it also doesn’t allow your brain to live up to it’ potential.

5. Shower: OK, most people shower in the morning. Liven up your morning shower by playing some music, lighting a candle, etc to change up the routine. Be mindful of the water and the air while you are showering. Breathing in the steam is great for your body. You are the most relaxed when you’re in the water so stretch out your arms and enjoy it. A great shower is the perfect way to begin a hectic day head on!

Wesleigh is wearing this hat||shoes sold out but similar here||romper sold out but from Gap KidsPhotography by Rebecca Hansen from First Mate Photo.