Lately positive habits have been on my mind. And in particular, my morning habits. How you start the morning can really have an impact on the mood of your entire day. Have you ever had “one of those mornings” (especially on a Monday)? It can ruin the whole vibe of your day, blech! Try these mood boosting habits during your morning routine, and let me know if you have any tips yourself.

1. Morning Mantra: I love a good mantra, but one that gets me out of bed and feeling great is even better! Mondays are the perfect day to set an intention (Mondays can be rough). Try setting one for your day, then make it last all week by repeating it every morning before you get out of bed. My latest favorite is “It’s (Monday) morning, today is a great day to start anew. I am going to be positive and grateful for every experience today.” Let me know yours (comment below or on Instagram). I would love to hear!

2. Get Moving: Stretching in bed before you get up is great for your body. Get that blood circulating though your body! Here is a quick routine you can do before stepping into your slippers…

3. Meditate: I learned to meditate because getting up before the kids was the only time I had to myself to practice it. It ended up being perfect for me because I am TIRED and being tired was the only was to really shut out the outside world and be in the moment. At the end of the day, I have way too much on my mind to zen out. Here are some tips to get relaxed.

4. Eat Breakfast: The very first thing you should put into your body before any caffeine, is room temperature, lemon water. There are endless studies on how great it is for your digestive system. I keep some next to my bed so I don’t even have to move except to reach over and grab my water bottle when I first wake up. Next I have either tea, coffee or a smoothie with either oatmeal or a piece of toast. Breakfast is the MOST important meal! Skipping a healthy breakfast not only makes you cranky, but it also doesn’t allow your brain to live up to it’ potential.

5. Shower: OK, most people shower in the morning. Liven up your morning shower by playing some music, lighting a candle, etc to change up the routine. Be mindful of the water and the air while you are showering. Breathing in the steam is great for your body. You are the most relaxed when you’re in the water so stretch out your arms and enjoy it. A great shower is the perfect way to begin a hectic day head on!

Wesleigh is wearing this hat||shoes sold out but similar here||romper sold out but from Gap KidsPhotography by Rebecca Hansen from First Mate Photo.