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Q: I am a shop/brand or maker/designer. How can we work together?

A:  Our readers fall in love with the vision our shops, designers, and brands have to share on our site. La Petite Peach offers ad space, but the most compelling way we share your vision is creating a sponsored post together. This includes a professionally styled and layered photo shoot, an imaginatively written post with several images included, and then we share and promote that feature across all our social media platforms, plus our home page. To learn more about how to work with me and have your brand featured on La Petite Peach email me here.

Q: What about trade? Can I send you my product in exchange for a featured post on La Petite Peach?

A: I love working with designers, brands and shops! You’re our “people!” Unfortunately I don’t accept products in exchange for posts. However, we do a killer styled shoot and I love to work with new (and undiscovered!) brands. Email me for more information!

Q: Are you a shop? How can I buy the clothes and products I see on La Petite Peach?

A: La Petite Peach is not a shop, but a curated resource for seeing some of my favorite well-made designs for mama, bebé and child! I get so many requests from readers asking “where do I get this!? I have to have it!” that I started my own Wish List, where you can find my favorite products from fashion to home décor. A shop or brand of my own isn’t in the cards for me just yet, it’s enough running after my little’s, running the site, and styling and writing for amazing brands and designers – but perhaps down the road, who knows?

Q: I love your style (and parenting) inspiration from abroad! Where did you live in Europe?

A: My oldest baby and I lived in Florence, Italy. I was there to study writing and was lucky enough to be able to bring him along for the adventure. Our apartment was just a stone’s throw from the Medici Palace, where we reveled the three days a week I wasn’t in class. You can read more about what I learned living abroad with baby here.

I will also say, though I highly recommend travel abroad (especially with children! to give them those experiences young!) it’s not always economically practical or even just daily-life-practical for everyone.

That’s why lately I’ve been in love with road trips! I LOVE road trips, from planning to packing and even driving. Spending time with my little family makes me super happy!

And let’s not forget our lives away from the little’s, too! I love laughing with girlfriends over great wine, cooking, reading and photography!

Q: Are your children models?

 A: It’s a very sweet question, and I love photographing my kiddos for many of the styled shoots you see on La Petite Peach, but it’s not my intention to turn them into models. I just love having them as part of my life, and sometimes that means my shoots as well as my writings on mindful parenting.

Q: Do you photograph all your features yourself?

 A: I started out styling and photographing all my own features, but now I work with many different amazing and talented photographers. It’s been part of my blogging-as-a-business journey, and the widening of my creative collaborations that has made this possible! And I am so lucky for it!

You can see at the bottom of any of my posts a credit link to who these talented creative experts (and friends!) are. Give them a shout out if you love their work as much as I do!

Q: What’s it like blogging as your full-time job?

 A: Well, I am first and foremost a mama. I am also a writer. And yes, blogging is my full time job. I love the blog world, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I also create content for other sites, and you can email me here if you’d like to learn more.

Like most of us, I have a passion for many things: fashion, travel, books, cooking, reading, and am lucky to have created a platform to share all those interests. But I feel like my personal-meets-professional purpose as of late is really sharing more about mindfulness with other parents and parents-to-be. It’s a big part of how I structure my day, my time and my own business.

Q: I am a blogger starting out and need some advice can you help?

A: How sweet life can be when you have a vision to share, and a way to share it on your terms, that fits your life and your beliefs! I think that’s why I get so many starting out bloggers (or people just dreaming of starting a blog), ask me for advice. I’ve answered a few of those questions below. But the best advice I can share is write from your heart, keep it consistent, stick to a schedule, and seriously consider learning more from the experts who helped me, like:


Blogging Your Way

Blog Shop

Q: What’s the secret to a great social media following, like La Petite Peach seems to have?

A: Ah, the age-old question of “how do I get more followers?” This is a tough one! There are a ton of strategies, and I learned most of them from Blogcademy and Blogging Your Way. The basics are definitely: be genuine, always credit other creative work, and keep your look consistent whatever it is. I love going to an Instagram feed and seeing a similar look, and knowing I can expect that same consistent (and beautiful!) content whenever I follow that person, designer, blogger or brand.

Q: I’m so inspired by how you use styled photo shoots to really tell a story in your posts.  What kind of tools do you use?

A: I use the Cannon Marc 6D SLR. I also use a film camera! A Nikon F100. You can definitely see the difference, so I label my photos at the end of the posts that I photograph myself.

I also work with an incredibly talented team of photographers. So collaborate, collaborate, collaborate is the advice I would give, even if you want to do-it-yourself sometimes, too!

I also create my popular photo collages in Photoshop, and I get a ton of help from my graphic design friend, Heidi! I highly recommend having (or hiring) a graphic design friend if you want to up-level the way you use your images to inform and inspire others.

I also took Blogshop a few years ago, and cannot say enough good things about it! I thought I knew Photoshop pretty well, but it turns out there are so many time saving tricks and tips, that have made my life a lot easier. It’s a worthwhile investment for any blogger.

Q: May I use your photos on my site?

A: First off, thanks for asking. You should always ask any blogger for permission first, and then credit them accordingly if you want to use their images on your site or blog. The photos that I post are very personal to me, sacred! With that being said, I love to share. Sharing is part of blogging, inspiring, teaching and doing what I love. Just please – ask first!

merci beaucoup!

Thank you for contacting us. We will be in touch shortly. In the meantime...