Since our sweet baby Wren made her appearance last month, I have been SO off with my morning routine. I was on such an amazing kick—getting up early before the kids and having some zen time before the day. Now I peel myself out of bed at the last possible minute, chug a coffee and hustle, hustle all day long which leaves me wanting to pass out at 8 pm. It’s not just my energy that has been sluggish, my skin and hair are looking lifeless as well. After sitting down for a rare moment the other day when the girls were sleeping, I thought about how I can go back to those peaceful mornings. Here are my best tips for close-to-perfect morning rituals.

1. Rise Earlier: I talk about this a ton. It stinks when you’re too tired to get up even earlier, but it’s the only way to get in some “me time.” Getting up before the chaos of a long day to have a few peaceful moments is the most relaxing way to get started. I used to get up an entire 30 minutes before the kids do! You can get so much done with 30 minutes of kid-free time.

2. Water with Lemon: I keep water next to my bed at night, that way I can just reach over and drink it when first waking up. Having a sip of lemon water to start the day is supposed to clear out the toxins and flush the system. A healthy morning ritual that is so easy to do.

3. Stretch it Out: Before climbing out of bed, give your body a good stretch for least a minute. Stretch out your legs, arms and mid-section to get the blood circulating.

4. Shower: Since #3 arrived, I barely have time to shower in the morning. Instead I take a mid-day, rushed shower while the baby naps. Getting up earlier ensures that I  will have time for a long and relaxing shower. This makes me feel awake and alive after being up all night. Lately, I have been putting on some music and lighting a candle, similar to what I would do if I have time for a bath!

5. Treat Yourself: Before the baby, I would do a little coffee in the morning, but alternate with tea the next day so that I wouldn’t be drinking so much caffeine. But now I say who cares, I’m tired! I am going to treat myself to a coffee and even a latte if I can. Life is short, treat yourself!

6. Have a Gratitude Mantra: For the first few seconds after my alarm goes off in the morning, I sit in bed and think about what I need to do for the day. Instead of being stressed out about everything I have to accomplish, I am going to set a positive mantra. There is so much to be thankful for lately, and it’s time to start recognizing it! Here is mine for this week:

“I know I am tired but I am not going to let it get to me. I am going to get up, treat myself to a nice hot coffee and a long shower. I am going to be grateful that I get to spend the day with my sweet children who love me and are healthy and strong. I am going to put my best foot forward to be present with them today”

Let’s continue the conversation…what are your morning rituals? Comment below or head over to Instagram and comment there!

*Picture by Rachel Castillero from the Fox and the Sparrow.