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September 30, 2015

Babaa A/W 2015

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By Desiree Spinner

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OK, now that it is officially Fall, I can finally talk about knits! If this is your first fall reading La Petite Peach, you haven’t quite seen my obsession with sweaters. I can’t get enough and Babaa is one of my favorite lines for kids, but also adults. The Autumn/Winter look book just launched, and I am going crazy for the navy. One of each please!

La Petite Peach_October Craves


I can’t believe it’s October already! With the start of the fall months, I have been craving tea, sweaters, warm blankets and good books. I am also loving more neutral tones and darker jewels. What are you craving this fall? Would love to hear, comment below or shoot me a message here!

Vince: Pointelle Trim Cashmere Sweater, Kendra Scott: ‘Dani’ Drop Earrings, Baggu: Small Pouch, M.A.C: Warm Neutral Tones Eyeshadow Palette, Sundry: Skinny Sweat Pants, Anthropologie: Eliot Scarf, Nina Z.: Nina Z Oath Clogs, Pottery Barn: Cozy Cable Knit Throw, Anthropologie: Echo Hue Teacup, and  Earth Mama Organics: Third Trimester Tea

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Marie Chantal Fall 2016

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Summer is coming to an end here in New England and, so I thought, was my humidity hair frizz. I think-I hope-it’s pregnancy hormones but my hair has been frizzing out lately. Here are 7 ways to avoid frizzy hair year-round!

1.  Don’t shampoo too much: This one is SO tough for me because I have oily skin and my roots get super oily. Try your best to shampoo every other day and use dry shampoo on your off days.

2. Use a frizz taming shampoo and conditioner: Frizz-be-gone shampoos and conditioners really do work, it’s not just hype! My all time favorite is Living Proof No Frizz and I alternate that with their Perfect Hair Day line.

3. Use an old shirt to dry your hair: You know when you get out of the shower and you wrap your hair in a towel? Try an old t-shirt instead. I swear it works!

4. Avoid touching your hair while you blow dry: The more you touch your hair the frizzier it becomes! Avoid touching your hair during styling and after.

5. Blow dry with the dryer facing downward: Never point the dryer up, it causes major fly aways and frizz. Blow drying in a downward motion keeps hair smooth.

6. Straighten your frizz: Try not to straighten your entire head, but the frizzy pieces can be tamed with a straighter. I hair spray my hair then comb it through first, so the iron burns off the spray and not my hair.

7. Use a Finishing Spray:  Finish styling with Living Proof’s styling spray. MY FAVORITE product!

Thanks so much to Lisa from Lisa Elizabeth Images for shooting this post and to Casey for helping tame my mane!

This post was in partnership with Living Proof, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my partners who I wholeheartedly believe in.