Braid Creative’s Kathleen & Tara: Mama Must-Haves

Yesterday, we heard from Kathleen and Tara about their mindful mornings. Today, we’re getting a peek into the five things they can’t live without in the morning, one of my favorite parts of this series! For more from at Braid Creative, check out their amazing blog over on their site and on Instagram. Ladies, thank you so much for joining us on La Petite Peach!

La Petite Peach_Cant live without_Kathleen Braid Creative

Craving, Sipping, Morning Must Have, To De-Stress, Connecting (image)

La Petite Peach_I cant live without_Tara Braid Creative

Cooking Must (image from here), Mama Must Have, Obsessed With, Wearing, Make Up.


  1. Olga Cher
    November 3, 2015 / 8:09 pm

    I can related to the point about “screen free family” the theory is beautiful but in reality its unrealistic. Me and my husband thought we would be one of those families until we had our son… Screens are such a big part of our lives, they eventually become a part of our kids lives as well… and we shouldn’t feel any guilt!

    Instagram @artmanch

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