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Instead of blogging over here the past few weeks I have been working on some writing projects that have been super meaningful to me. I have soul searched about the direction of this blog, and although I don’t know exactly where it will go yet, I feel pretty o.k. with the direction for now. In the mean time I wanted to change it up a little. Here is what I wrote last week to my two little ladies on a regular day at home…

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April 18, 2016

It’s been so cold and windy out lately that we haven’t been outside as much as I would have liked to. Today I got up early, didn’t shower or eat breakfast, but was feeling determined to get you all outside and enjoying the sunshine. Pulling the stroller out of the car and putting you both in, we walked down Parker Road and into town.  It was so sunny and beautiful. I felt happy to finally see the sun on your little white faces after such a long winter.

We quickly ran into our favorite lunch spot and I grabbed a coffee, water, and something to eat for lunch at home. Wesleigh wanted a smoothie and so we got one of those too. We walked the long way home and by the school. They are putting in the new playground so everything was dug up and chaotic. I am so excited that you will have a new space to play and be free.

The ocean sparkled like stars and we could see it from almost a mile down the road. When we got closer it was too tempting to just walk by, and so we stopped to take a closer look from the edge of the road. The sky was the bluest blue, and the water even more so. You whined a little when it was time to leave so I took your picture by the stairs. You both sat quietly the rest of the way home, and I know it was the waves crashing on the shore that lulled you to sleep.

Photos by Brookelyn Photography

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Lately, I have been sucking doing my best at balancing being a mom, and doing what I am passionate about (writing+fashion). Of course there is no other more important job than being a mom, so I am beyond grateful that I get to be home with my babies, and there for them whenever they need me. This means that career always  takes a back seat, and I am o.k. with that. It’s SO hard to say no to things I know would boost the blog, my writing, my career etc. Everything does happen for a reason, I truly believe that so I just keep telling myself how lucky I am, and that another door will open that works with my mommy schedule. Would love to know how you all stay positive when balancing mommy-hood, and career! Comment below!

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