My Little Square

We can’t wait to introduce you to one of our new favorite sites, My Little Square! This amazing site offers children’s fashions, and amazing products at affordable prices. We picked out our favorites below, we hope you like!


1. Rosie Flo: Coloring Book Rosie Flo 2. Mimi’lou: Melamine Circus Set 3. Deuz: Mini Maracas 4. Design Fuers Heim: Wooden Cloudiiieee Mobile 5. Youttle: Doudou Kim Aqua Jaune 6. Bobo Choses: Milk BabyGrow 7. Bakker made with Love: Grey Trellis Swimming Shorts  8. Louise Misha: Polkadot Ines Bikini 9. Emile et Ida: Ink Playsuit 10. Mini Rodini: Kimono Scallop Jacket 11. Gro/Sprout by Gro: Print T-Shirt 12. Siaomimi: Two-Tone Cardigan in Purple/Brown

From My Little Square: “My Little Square is a multi-brand shop for ages 0-10, offering a collection of essential children’s fashion and interior design at affordable prices. Mixing the top big brands and independent designs, occasionally exclusive to us, My Little Square is pleased to bring you a shopping experience of over 1000 products, for any day, any budget, anywhere in the world…

We specialise in must-have pieces and, quite simply, products we love! Every day, My Little Square adds new products to the site, always with quality, functionality and price in mind. And because My Little Square children are just like yours, we’ve ensured that children’s fashion is just a few clicks away, available across the world, and adapted to the wants of children as well as the needs of parents.”

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