Radio Flyer Wagon Shoot

Marie from, Marie Donn Photography shoot these gorgeous images of her daughter on a walk. Whenever I see a photographer’s work for the first time, my favorite of their images are always of their own children. Loving this shoot, and hoping you do too. Happy Monday!

From Marie: “This is my daughter, Sofie, who has just turned 6, and we recently brought a Radio Flyer into the family to help out on long walks with Sofie and her little brother Milo, 2, (you know, in that in-between stage when you don’t always need a buggy for the smallest child but they still get tired of tramping about!)…..When I told Sofie we were going to be playing cowboys she immediately loved the idea, and gathered her Jessie doll, among her other best ‘friends’ – a doll called Milo (yes, the same as her brother) and one of her first teddies, her ‘Jessie’ hat and her favorite purple boots.”

Dress from The Measure


  1. hazel
    May 30, 2013 / 3:48 pm

    gorgeous pics of a gorgeous wee girl. love it

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