My brother-in-law, and sister-in-law (French teacher extraordinaire(s)) showed me this SUPER cute Paris city coloring activity, and I have to say the kids loved it! Artist and designer Joel Henriques, from Made by Joel  said we could share this with our readers (yipee!). Simply download the city scape below, color in, fold on the lines, and viola! It’s the perfect activity for a rainy day.

Download your own Paris Template here!


  1. yazmin said

    How cool is this!! Thank you for sharing… definitely i am going to do this printable Paris city printable with Vida.

  2. thanks for sharing this free printable. so awesome printable, I SMURF and LOVE that. i like and love paris so much more, i hope i can come to this Beautiful town. XX

  3. Monique said


    I will be using them on a small post on my blog and will refer to you:)
    They are just darling.
    Thank you.

  4. Holly said

    This is adorable!! I love that it all fits in an altoids tin too!
    **Thanks so much**

  5. Thank you so much for the printable, it made me smile!

  6. Kelly said

    Love this!!! Does “Made by Joel” have any other cities?

    • admin said

      Yes! check out his website it’s super cute!

  7. Marcie said

    Thank you for sharing! I have an 8-year-old Francophile who will adore these.

  8. It’s very cute! I love it!

  9. Robyn said

    My 8 year old daughter is going to be in HEAVEN with this!

  10. Heather M. said

    This is wonderfully creative! I love it! Perfect little gift for a Paris Inspired party.

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  12. daria said

    DIY Paris is simply wonderful! Now I can carry the city I love with me always.

    • admin said

      It’s one of my favorite things!!!

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  14. Alexandra said

    Thanks for sharing it! It’s so cute!

  15. Robert W. Alvarez said

    Love This but Where can I Get This ! Thank You .

    • desiree said

      Robert you can find Joel’s paper cities here!!

  16. sheena said

    the link is broken 🙁 this would have been awesome

    • Desiree Spinner said

      Just fixed it! Thanks for the heads up!

  17. Kat L. said

    The link to your Paris Template is broken. :-/ Would love to have a copy!

    • Desiree Spinner said

      I think it’s fixed now (hopefully!) Thanks!

  18. Sarah Bryant said

    I love this and it’s better than any old coloring book. I love the fact that it all goes into the case to take with us for a road trip or doctors appointment or just anything when I ned something to keep Mikey busy..

  19. nadina said

    muchas gracias por compartir esto

  20. tenecia thomas said

    this is awesome!!!! I was searching for something on Pair or France for a DIY project for my daughter for school.

    • Desiree Spinner said

      Isn’t it great?! One of my favorite things to do with the kids, I love his free downloads!

  21. Karishma said

    Thank you soo much for sharing.. It may sound really very silly… But this is now a part of my anniversary gift to my Husband..
    We were planning to visit Paris again for our anniversary, but it got canceled due to his work.. So now thans to u we can refresh our old memories through this!

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  23. Marlène said

    Mes élèves vont être fous de joie! Ils vont adorer! Merci 🙂

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