Motherhood Monday/Lost in the City

I was in Boston last week, and I did something so ridiculous.


Wesleigh and I where in the city for the day then spent the night after a delicious meal with a great friend.

The next morning I went to one of the coziest coffee shops for a brain storming session with a new blogger friend (if you don’t read the Boston Day Book, you should asap). Wesleigh and I decided to walk there and it was literally 5 degrees. Since she screamed the last two blocks, and was a total baby-cicle, I decided to “Uber it” back to Beacon Hill.

What happened next is a blur. I got back to the hotel and realized that we DID NOT have Wesleigh’s blanket (pictured above). The one she has had since a newborn, the blanket that we definitely had on the way there. I called the front desk, nothing. Followed by calling my Uber driver, nothing. Then finally I called the cafe…NOTHING! I left my name/number JUST IN CASE someone turned it in. Then…5-7 minutes of crying like a babyme, not Wesleigh.

Confession: I did this with Luke too when he was the same age. The only good thing is that he had two blankets that where exactly the same, and I lost the “newer” one and not the one he had as a newborn.

I am pretty sure this was an official “mommy melt-down”?!

But I stopped freaking out pulled it together and decided on the way home I would drive the car down Newbury Street and look for the blanket. I was hoping it would be there, but was prepped for the worst. When I got there, I actually/seriously, found it. It was 50 feet from the cafe and in the middle of the road. I stopped the car, ran through the middle of the road to get it, and then danced back to the car.

Every bad experience has a lesson. I hate this saying, but it’s so true. From now on we are traveling with a special “travel” blanket, so that the original can stay SAFE AT HOME! Have you ever done anything like this? Please say yes…


  1. Rochelle Haddad
    January 22, 2015 / 8:34 am

    Does it get any cuter than that!!! I absolutely love and adore your blog. I have my own little peachette and she is adorable! Love your blog, and you had me at “La Petite Peach!”

    Bay Area, CA

    • Desiree Spinner
      January 27, 2015 / 12:14 am

      Thank you SO much!!! I see you are in the Bay Area, my sister just moved there, what a beautiful place!

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