France with Kids: Introducing Localers!

If you are traveling to France with Children, and feeling a little overwhelmed at what to do with them, let Localers help! We LOVE this amazing concept, and hope you do too!

There is nothing better than experiencing Paris as an insider, and avoiding all the touristy routes! But how do you do that? Localers offers this, and more online! Through their guided tours you “Not only will you explore Paris through the eyes of an insider, you’ll also gain a profound insight into the Parisian lifestyle. Cook, shop, and live like a Parisian.”  Tre chic!

What makes Localers stand out is their desire to provide you the best quality, their tours are 6-10 people max. so you are able to truly able to get the Parisian experience. There is literally nothing better than documenting your romantic trip to Paris by a local photographer who also knows the ins and outs of their city with the Localers photo tour. Who loves shopping?? Call on Localers to be your personal shoppers; you will be shown the best shops that par-ree has to offer!

If you are looking for something more family friendly, Locallers offers family trips from experts in family travel. The Space Invaders tour, led by Isabelle, will bring you all around the city! Adults will be able to enjoy learning the history and taking in all the sites around, while the children will be captivated by the “space invader hunt.” Best of all if there aren’t any tours that offer exactly what you are looking for you can contact them directly and design your own excursion!


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