Family Trip to Blackberry Farm


Every year we travel to Blackberry Farm in the Smoky Mountains during February school vacation. My mom is there, and we love to get to spend some time with her.blackberryfarm5 blackberryfarm6 blackberryfarm7 blackberryfarm8 blackberryfarm9 blackberryfarm10 blackberryfarm11blackberryfarm12

Now that Luke is getting older, he is harder to travel with when we go to places that Craig and I want to go to. So we had to start getting creative with our trips. Here are three things to do at the farm or anywhere that doesn’t have a kiddie pool.

Things to do on the Farm:

1. Fly Fishing: SO cool that Blackberry offers this. It’s a super great way for dads to bond with the kids. They get all suited up and head to the creek with the fishing professional they have on staff.

2. Scavenger Hunts: This was a LIFESAVER for us this year. Craig and I drew up a contract and check list for Luke to accomplish on his own. We had things like: take a picture of the pigs, bring back a napkin with the Blackberry logo, and meet someone new at the main dining room. The reward is something that we can all agree on and typically related to food.

3. Rent Bikes: You can rent bikes at the farm and there are a ton of trails and golf cart paths to keep you busy for hours. I love this because we got to see the entire property, which is stunning!

*Ask for a s’mores kit and sit by the outdoor fire pit!

** You cannot leave without trying the sweet tea. Seriously I didn’t know what the big deal was with Southerners and sweet tea…until now.

Bonus: If you are traveling without the kids, or have a night off, we highly recommend the whiskey tasting. Craig did that last year and LOVED it. This year I got a pedicure at the spa and it was heavenly!

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