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Esther van de Paal, of  Babyccino Kids, the destination for all things kiddos, and her family are pretty much the sweetest/stylish little family we have ever seen! Her gorgeous little ones, Sara (9), Pim (7), Ava (4), Casper (1), live in Amsterdam, and like to spend their vacation in the Cantal in France. See what Esther has on her mind for travel with babes…

Top five must haves for travel: bags, beauty and fashion, maternity, gear etc: Packable rain jackets — I pack them for the entire family. They take almost no space and have come in so handy so many times! I have used the Hervé Chapelier bags for decades — they are just perfect for traveling, and are indestructible. I love Argan Oil as an all-in-one product for my face, body, and hair. We designed these adorable Travel Kids together with the French designer Lalé and my kids love them and use them all the time. And I like to bring a few games like Uno and Dobble!, games we can play with the entire family and are small to pack.

The story behind where you are going the who/what/where/when/why: We are visiting our family house in the Cantal. I have been coming to this area in France since I was a child, and I have been bringing my husband and now our children here every year as well. It’s a beautiful part of the world, located south of the Massif Central mountains, picturesque but rough at the same time, agrarian, with loads of ancient old traditions and customs. The architecture is something else — buildings are constructed with big stone blocks, and roofs are steep and covered with slate roof tiles. Local products are artisanal, there are amazing cheeses and sausages etc, and the markets are fantastic.

The house we stay in has been in our familie for nearly 20 years, and it’s full of beautiful memories for all of us.

How do you pack differently now that you are a mom? Packing is a whole affair and it needs to be planned in advance! I try to be practical and to keep things simple and small — summer dresses for the girls, combined with leggings and cardigans when it’s chilly. Crocs and flip-flops are easy to clean and can get wet. Shorts and tees and hoodies for the boys. A few swim suits and sun hats. before mentioned packable rain jackets for the entire family. Turkish towels (small to pack and quick to dry), etc.

Most valuable travel tip for moms: Bring an ipod with audio books! My kids love listening to stories, it keeps them entertained for hours. They each have a mini Ipod and headphones, and we have bought a splitter so they can listen to a story together if the want as well. It’s perfect for car journeys, flights, train, etc…

What do you love most about being a mom? The fullness of my life.

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