5 Tips to Beat the Monday Blues

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Even though summer vacation has been in full swing at our house for over a month, we still get the Monday blues. Mondays stink sometimes. You have to get back to the hustle, friends leave who had been visiting for the weekend, and you start that diet you promised yourself you would. Here are some “tried and trues” for kick starting your week the right way.

1. Get up 30 minutes earlier: I know, I know, getting up on Monday mornings are the worst. However, part of the yuck factor is that we are in a rush after blissfully sleeping in all weekend. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier and GET up! Have a water with lemon, read the paper, a book or your favorite blog (ahem). Enjoy some quiet “me” time before you have to hit the showers.

2. Sit and enjoy breakfast: this relates to above, but sit down and enjoy your breakfast in your favorite spot in the house.

3. Take notes: write down what you have to do for the week. Write it all down. It feels better to get everything on paper and start your day with a clear head rather than a to-do list buzzing around.

4. Plan a dinner date: with your girl friend, sister, or husband. Plan a dinner date out for Monday nights. It makes the day go by quicker when you have something fun to look forward to. Plus you probably won’t need a reservation on a Monday!

5. Get into bed 30 minutes earlier: grab your favorite book, PJs and unwind in your room. Light a candle and relax, you made it though Monday so the rest of the week is a breeze!

Photography by Rebecca Hansen from First Mate Photo

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