10 Tips to Shake a Bad Mood

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You can sort of tell in this picture that Wesleigh is having a cry fest. However, when I saw this pic all I saw was the “love, love love” to the right of my head…

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and even though Wesleigh was having a bad afternoon, it reminded me to stay positive. This is SO hard when you are having a bad day. Usually I want to curl up into a ball, but when you’re a mom there is no time for a mid-day pity party. So, here are my best tips for turning your day around, starting now!

1. Take a Walk: Throw the baby in the stroller and get outside. Even if it’s cold! If the sun is shining, vitamin D will seep into your pores and give you a boost. Plus the exercise will release those happy endorphins!

2. Take a Minute and Write it Down: When I get aggravated and can’t get past it, I write it down in my notebook, phone, or anything! Getting your thoughts out of your head will help you move on with your day.

3. Make a Donation to a Worthy Cause: There is nothing like helping a worthy cause to make you feel appreciative for what you have. If you can volunteer, even better!

4. Start a New Book: I love getting recommendations for new books and, instead of cleaning while the baby naps, I sometimes sit down and start one. Getting lost in a book can turn your bad mood into a good one.

5. Do Yoga: We don’t always have time for this, I know, but schedule some yoga time in. Even if you need to get a babysitter and make some schedule changes to do it, I promise you will feel 100 times better. It’s SO important to schedule in some “me” time too!

6. Take a Bath: After the kiddos are in bed, light some candles, put on your favorite podcast or music and take a bath. It’s SO relaxing, and us moms hardly ever take the time to do it. Just knowing I am going to take a bath later boosts my mood 100%.

7. Be Alone: OK this is SO hard when the kiddos are home but “take two” and grab the mail or use the bathroom. Being alone for two minutes to breathe and collect your thoughts is the best way to tackle a bad mood.

8. Sit Under a Tree: Go outside, anywhere, even with the kids, and sit under a tree. Lay a blanket down and have a snack if you have time! Trees have this amazing ability to bring  calm and happy into your life. It sounds “woo woo” but I promise you will feel better!

9. Dance Party: Blast that favorite playlist from your college days! Music is one of the best cures for feeling blue. Get up and move or do your chores will you listen.

10. Schedule “Me” Time: If your in a bad mood and can’t shake it, chances are you are not scheduling enough time for yourself. You don’t have to spend money to do this, but ask for help with the kids, dogs, etc and do something that you love. You have to feed your soul in order to be happy!

I hope this helps you turn your day around. Would love to know what you do to cure a bad mood. Tell me in the comments below.

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