10-Minute Fish Tail Up-do


Supplies: Hair spray (I like Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray), strong bobby pins, a thick hair tie, and a clear elastic hair tie.fishtail-updo-2Step One: Start with a mess of hair.fishtail-updo-3

Step Two: Gather hair in a pony tail at the desired position of the bun. I like them a little higher, so I started this pony tail on top of the crown.fishtail-updo-4Step Three: Wrap hair in a thick elastic. Divide pony tail into two sections.fishtail-updo-5

Step Four: Take a 1/2″ chunk from the outside of one of the two sections. Bring that 1/2″ chunk over the section it came from and add it to the other section.fishtail-updo-6Step Five: Take a 1/2″ chunk from the other section and bring it over to the first section. You will continue to only have two section, not three like in a typical braid.fishtail-updo-7Step Six: Continue taking 1/2″ chunks from the outside of the pony tail and adding it to the opposite section. Pull tightly as you go.fishtail-updo-8fishtail-updo-9Step Six: Once you’ve reached the end of your tail, tie it with the clear elastic. Then mess up the braid by pulling it apart from the middle so it looks thicker and messier.fishtail-updo-10Step Seven: Wrap the braid around the base of your pony tail to create a bun. Secure with the pins. Spritz with hair spray and you’re done! Enjoy the summer heat without looking like a hot mess with sweaty hair sticking to your neck (my worst nightmare).fishtail-updo-11fishtail-updo-12fishtail-updo-1.1

Happy Monday everyone! I just got back from a family weekend in Nantucket so naturally, I am exhausted, and this post is the perfect remedy for your messy Monday hair. Check out…10 minute fishtail updo from Lesleigh of Pearls on a String !

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