Packing for Baby

La Petite Peach_Traveling with Baby

Gap: Jelly Sandals, Charlie Banana: Reusable Swim Diaper, California Baby: Travel Caddy, Ergo: Four Position 360 Baby Carrier, Honest: All Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray, and Deux Lux: Jane Weekender

We are heading to the Caribbean tomorrow morning for some sun, relaxation, and good old “girl time.” It’s only for a few days but totally what I need to get through a long and cold New England winter.

Wesleigh and I are packing all day today. I was thinking about my essentialslike I always do when I travel. I am also trying to pack light this time, so above are my “must haves”.

I bring my Ergo Baby front pack everywhere for one single reason (besides that it’s cute). Wesleigh will fall asleep in it wherever and whenever. This means I can enjoy a quiet dinner, walk on the beach, or whatever I wantamazing!

Hand sanitizer is one of those items that, before I was a mom, I swear I wouldn’t be one of those moms spritzing her kid’s hands in airports. Guess what, I am! And I don’t care if you think I’m weird, my kids are never sick! California Baby products are where it’s at. Period. This Weekender Bag was a little gift to myself, but how cute?! The re-usable swim diapers are perfect for pool and the ocean, especially if your little hates to wear a swim suit-ahem!

What do you HAVE to bring when you travel with your babe?! Comment below and follow our travels on Instagram!

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