Three Bears in a Boat by David Soman


While Luke was at hockey a few weeks ago, Wesleigh (L&W are 10 years and 22 months) and I popped into a local bookstore. I saw the most beautifully illustrated book called “Three Bears in a Boat” by David Soman. Who wouldn’t buy this book based on the cover alone?! The images are beautiful, but it wasn’t until my husband and I read it to the kids that night that it became one of my favorites.

There is a great lesson in this wonderful book. These three sweet bear siblings discover that telling the truth would have been a better option. I love this because most stories about lying (i.e. the boy who cried wolf) show a bad consequence for telling a lie. This book, however, touches a different way of lyingwhen you choose not to tell an adult information. When you omit information from a parent, it is still considered lying. This concept is so hard to teach to little kids. They think they will get in trouble if they tell you things you don’t want to hear. We always want our kids to feel comfortable talking to us! This is a great book for littles and older children as well. I hope you enjoy!


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