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It’s officially freezing here in New England. What keeps me from the winter blues is a hot coffee by the fireplace with a cozy sweater. I have about 30 tabs open on my computer with all these beautiful knits, and I thought you would love them too. It would be amazing if you shared your favorites as well. Comment below or head over to Instagram to join in the convo!

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La Petite Peach_early winter Mood Board

One of my favorite things to do is to come up with fun Pinterest mood boards. I haven’t had much time to veg out and browse Pinterest lately, but I was feeling the grays and whites of winter in New England and had to get back to it. I love all these colors. They remind me that winter is here as the sky turns a grayish white, and the snow starts to fall.

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Animal Coats from Little Goodall

Marie Chantal Fall 2016

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I am not going to lie. This winter has been getting to me a little. Vowing to stay positive about all this snow, I decided to think of real reasons to enjoy the cold. After all we live in the Northeast so we have to make the best of it…

View More:http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeachView More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeachView More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeach View More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeach View More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeach View More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeach View More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeach View More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeach View More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeach View More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeach   View More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeachView More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeachView More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeach View More:http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeachView More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeach

Wesleigh is wearing: Sweater sold out but love this one, boots, leggings, necklace, hat, coat. I am wearing: coat sold out in black but loving the blue!, tights, shoes and hat from here, similar here.

Staying Positive in the Cold:

1. Hot coffee on cold mornings: No one wants to drink hot coffee in the heat! Yes, you can have ice coffee, but a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning is glorious. See my coffee post here!

2. Hibernate, eat and not shave: Seriously us gals get to hide indoors, eat, gain weight, not shave etc. during the winter, so take that California! By summer we will be in our bikinis bathing suits again! We can just jet set to the Caribbean for some Vitamin D if we need to!

3. SPRING! It’s a short lived season here in the Northeast, but how lovely is it to hear the birds chirping and the snow melting/dripping off the buildings?! AND in Spring it’s the perfect time to wear rain boots, which are charming and you know it!

Am I making you smile yet?

4. Fires in fireplaces: There is nothing, I said NOTHING, like a roaring fire on a cold and storming winter night. If you live in New England and you don’t have a fire place, get yourself to the nearest charming hotel for brunch, a cocktail, whatever and ENJOY an old fashioned fire in a fireplace.

5. Snow is pretty: Right now it’s muddled with dirt and sand during a brief melty stage, but seriously how peaceful is snow when it’s falling?

6. We get to wear cool sweaters and cute coats: Just think, we would never get a chance to wear those cute tall boots, sweaters, scarfs and overcoatsand all togetherif we lived in Florida!

7. The summer is so, so beautiful here: This cold weather makes us have an appreciation for the summer and all its glory. There is NO way the southern states appreciate EVERY single sunny day.

8. Snow days! OK, I will admit that a week of snow days gives me cabin fever and makes me thankful at least one of my kids goes to school every day. However, once in a while it’s so nice to stay in bed, have a family breakfast, play games, watch movies etc…

9.  Skiing! Even if you are not a skier, I promise you will have a blast heading up to the mountains with your family and/or friends. Hot cocoa in the lodge, ski tans, cute ski attire, and burning calories while having FUN!

10.The greatest thing about living in the Northeast is that it’s the best place to live, ever. We have snowy Christmases, everyone wants snow during the holidays. We have the most beautiful summers, with the BEST beaches! We have the best schools, food, culture…OK…now I am braggingbut see it’s not so bad?!

All photos by Lisa Elizabeth Images

This location is now covered under 3 feet of snow, hehe.