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Gratitude is one of those words I’ve never thought about until a few years ago when I started my mindfulness journey. Now, I realize that gratitude is the very next step after following, believing and living mindfulness over a long period of time. What is gratitude? It’s feeling full and grateful in this very moment, no matter what that moments currently is. This means that we don’t just feel lucky for what we have when something goes wrong, or when we are in a beautiful place, or receive a nice gift, it’s that we feel thankful even when the moments are great, good, boring, or unmemorable.

When you are mindful, and living in this very moment, the smallest of things give you feelings of gratitude. I compare it to being peaceful. When you are peaceful, you feel gracious toward all the things in your life. So how do we practice being grateful? Well, we first need to practice mindfulness, and we will slowly but very surely realize that the quality of being thankful for each moment, happening, silence, pause in our lives will begin to flourish.

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 Photo by Rebecca Hansen from First Mate Photo

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I have been thinking lately about the “balance” between being a mother and a freelancer. It seems like there is never time to do everything. Recently, (the past year) I made the most conscious effort to put family before anything work related. Here’s what happened, work has lagged a little behindbut honestly not by much. Am I happier? Heck YES! I feel like I have been giving my family 100% and it feels great. No, I haven’t made a ton of money this year. And yes, I could have blogged more, taken on more clients, wrote more guest blog posts, shot more sponsored posts but really I am not sure it would have mattered a ton.

What I do know is that I went on a ton of family trips, spent time with my beautiful children, drank wine on my patio with my husband and read more lovely books than I can count. So I have to say, life is pretty amazing. With that said, I am always striving for a balance, not a perfect one (there really isn’t such a thing) just one that works right now. Isn’t everyone? Here are my new five mantras to fit in some studio time this fall…

1. Set boundaries on business hours: I wrote about boundaries last week on how to be a better freelancer, and I stand by my wacky business hours! I work when the kids are sleeping. Period. If I am working while I am with them, then I am ignoring them and it’s just not the type of parent I want to be.

2. Unplug from your business and plug into your life: Social media has been amazing for me in the blogging and business world. However, if I am trying to edit an Insta what am I missing out on? SO MUCH! Get out there and live! Take tons of pictures, but share them later and not in real time. Stressing over what to say, share or not share is never as fun as living in the moment.

3. Let go of perfectionism: Nothing is perfect, you can only do what you can and what brings you happiness. People aren’t perfect and that is what makes them wonderful. If I don’t blog on a Thursday or show up a little late for pickup, it’s not the end of the world. Everything will be OK.

4. Get focused and establish a routine: My routine so far has been working. However, we have another little on the way and that is definitely going to get all muddled. I am not sure how it will all work out, but Luke will be back at school and Wesleigh will be at nursery school two mornings a week so that gives some wiggle room to establish a new routine. Just because you get organized doesn’t mean that your routine is set in stone. It will change and evolve.

5. Cultivate your tribe and support system: You can’t do everything alone and neither can I! I have an amazing family and group of friends I can count on. I also have some amazing colleagues I can send work to when I am on maternity leave. You better believe I will be calling on them! Your family tribe and your work tribe are those you can count on for support, but also those you return the favor to when they are in need.

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The past few days here on Cape Cod have been a cool and breezy 68 degrees. Quite the change from the 90 degree heat wave (and humidity fest) we have had the past few weeks. I started to get really excited for fallI even bought a fall scented candle on my way home from grocery shopping yesterday!

This morning it was back to hot and humid, which bummed me out until I remembered that it’s only August and I LOVE summer! Yes, the humidity has been brutal, but so was the give feet of snow we had for the entire winter. I am embracing these last few weeks of summer with the mantra below. Would love to know how you are embracing summer as well!


“Summer is the most beautiful time of year. The sun is shining, the ocean is calling our names. The fruits we long for all winter long are ripe. Let’s take the next few weeks to be mindful and enjoy all that the summer months have to offer us.”


Thank you to Rebecca Hansen from First Mate Photo for shooting this! W is wearing a Joah Love dress from that we got in San Francisco at Fiddlesticks. Shoes are from Mon Petit Shoes.