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Today (as I am writing this) it is a rainy, cloudy, and humid day. It’s also a Monday which makes me default to a bad mood. I was thinking lately about why we slip into a funk and how we can shake it…

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sometimes we have something in our lives that makes us feel plain crappy.  And to be honest, that’s o.k! We aren’t all perfect and sometimes being cranky can serve us in a weird way. It can be an indicator maybe we need to change things up, or do something different. If you are ready to kick your bad day though, here is my best advice.

Things you will need:

  • Journal and a good pen
  • Candle
  • A cup of coffee/tea/or a delicious smoothie
  • 30 Minutes of alone time
  • A quiet sitting area and a cozy blanket

First you are going to block 30 minutes of quiet alone time. You may need to send the kids with a babysitter or ask your partner to head outside for a bit. For me, it’s easiest to wait until nap time or get up 30 minutes earlier than everyone in the house. Next, brew some of your favorite coffee or tea, and even make your favorite smoothie. Whatever drink of choice that brings you joy, comfort and clarity. Search for the most comfortable spot in your house (this changes daily for me sometimes it’s sitting in bed but other times grabbing a chair in the sitting room off my kitchen). Don’t forget to grab a notebook with a really great pen, and a blanket.

Here is what you do:

  • Take a sip of your beverage of choice, plant your feet on the ground and take a deep breath
  • Open your journal and write down everything that is really bugging you. Just let it rip! Anything from family to work related problems. Write it ALL down!
  • Take a look at what you wrote. Does anything really stand out to you? Does anything look fixable today? Later today? Or even tonight? Are they all small little things that are bothering you? Or are they HUGE, and if they are, is there a common denominator here?
  • Turn the page of your journal and write down everything you are grateful for right now in this very moment. This can be simple like the “sun is shining today” to more in depth like good health or my kids are happy. Write down everything big and small.
  • THEN rip the page out of the journal with all the things that are bugging you. Take one last look then crumple it, burn it or tear it into pieces.

Did you just panic?

The healing part already happened! You got it out, onto the paper and out of your head and this is the best way to kick it out for good. There is something really cathartic about writing it all down but after that-it doesn’t serve a purpose anymore.

What really matters is gratitude. What matters is all the little (and big things) you wrote down that you are grateful for. Those things make you lucky! It’s easy to be weighed down with all the curve balls life throws at you. I don’t think you should ignore them-you should get them out, get mad, even cry about it. But then, let’s try to figure out how we can move forward. Maybe they are little things that can be fixed with therapy, exercise, a massage or even some alone time. Even if they are beyond your control , there are ways to deal with them that is more productive than being cranky and miserable!

What can you do to get proactive about your bad moods, funks, grumpiness? Did you try this exercise above? I would LOVE to hear-comment below or send me an email to tell me more!

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I got a ton of questions on my last “hand-me-down” post asking how I saved, and stored, Luke’s baby clothing for Wesleigh. I have 3 simple steps to preserving baby clothing below. Check out Wesleigh wearing Luke’s baby gap knit sweater from 10 years ago…

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Wesleigh is wearing: a hand me down sweater (similar here), Baby Gap jeans, Ralph Lauren shoes, Oeuf Scarf -out of stock but I like these ones, and is carrying her Hazel Village bunny.

Three Steps to Preserving Baby Clothes:

1. Decide Which Pieces to Save: I save only the clothing without baby stains. That means going through and deciding which pieces are the most important, have sentimental value, but that are also stain-free. Stains become even worse over timethe yellows will only get more yellow. I don’t typically save jeans, onsies, shoes or any stained clothing. I do save sweaters, knits, scarves, and rompers. The rest I donate.

2. Remove Stains and Wash: If there is anything with a small stain but still worth saving, I use baking soda and water or a Tide Stick to remove the stain. I wash all the clothing with dye-free baby laundry soap and dry with all natural dryer sheets. *I fold everything properly before I store it to save myself the time of sifting though all the clothes when I need them.

3. Storing the Clothes: Use an opaque and air tight storage bins. You don’t want to buy the clear plastic bins because light can get to the clothes and discolor them. I made this mistake with some of Luke’s clothing because I thought it would be easier to see the it through the side, but those items faded over time. I use these bins for everything. I store my bins in a (finished) basement closet, but any dark and cool place works.

TIP: If you have anything that is white, such as a blouse, dress, romper, or Christening gown, get this preserved by a professional. Most dry cleaning services offer this. White dress material yellows like Luke’s Christening romper (wah!).

Hope these tips help! Happy Storing!

All Photos by Cambria Grace Photography