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One of my favorite people and not to mention bloggers, is Kelly Smith from Cloudy Day Gray. Thanks to my friend Beck, I met Kelly in Philly where we enjoyed some amazing food and adventures last spring. Here is how Kelly Spends her mornings with her two sweet babes, but make sure you read all about her story over on her blog.

View More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeachAre you a morning person? If not, how do you handle getting up early with your kids?

I am really not a morning person and have the hardest time getting up in the morning. Thankfully, my husband lets me sleep while he gets the kids up, feeds them, gets them dressed, makes lunch for our five-year-old, Parker, and walks him to school.

Do you get up before your kids? If so, how do you spend that time?

Both of my kids are really light sleepers, so if I want to get up before them (which is only when I have a deadline or other work that needs to be finished) I have to get up WAY before them. I am talking 4:30 or 5 am.

Do you have a morning routine? What’s it like?

We have very consistent mornings. My son Parker wakes me up with a kiss before leaving for school, I stumble out of bed, and I am greeted with the biggest hug from my daughter at the bottom of the stairs. We usually sit for a few minutes while I whisper prayers of thanks into her ear. I set her down and change the TV channel from Curious George to Pandora music – we like contemporary folk. Then, like clockwork, the phone alarm chimes and it is time to prepare Matilda’s morning medications. She had a liver transplant when she was six weeks old, and will take medication twice a day for the rest of her life to prevent rejection and combat some side effects. After medicine, I make a cup of coffee, grab a banana or a hard-boiled egg, and head to the playroom. Matilda is like me in a lot of ways. She also prefers slow mornings and is more than willing to snuggle up next to me with some books or the iPad while I answer emails, write to-do lists for the day, or take an occasional call for work. As I get to work on projects, she prefers to paint, play outside on the porch, or engage in imagination play with her stuffed animals.


What’s the best part of your morning?

Hands down, the snuggles and hugs from my little ones are the best part of my morning. We take them very seriously around here, knowing that they very easily could be nonexistent.

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How are your mornings different on the weekend?

My husband really likes to take advantage of his weekends, so he makes plans for each day and gets us going a bit faster than during the week.

What were your mornings like before you became a mama? 

Before I had kids I insisted on showering every morning. My day couldn’t start without it. Now it feels like the biggest waste of time. If I do shower, it is typically at night or during my daughter’s nap and it is most definitely not every day. I would much rather spend that time being productive – I feel much more invigorated when I can start checking things off my list first thing.

What’s your dream morning?

I would love to wake up at a cabin in the woods with no Internet, to-do lists, or work commitments. Just a slow morning, with fresh air, and my family snuggled close. That would be a dream!

If you could get someone to take over any part of your morning, what would it be? 

If I could skip over getting ready, showered, dressed, and being put together, I would. Who am I kidding; I do skip it most days. But it would be nice if someone could take care of that for me!

Describe your morning in just 3 words.

laid-back, quiet, predictable

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, always!

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 What comes to mind when you think of mindfulness?

Mindfulness means to do something driven by a clear purpose. To be in the moment and listen to your child – to show them love, respect, and compassion. To read the news to gain an understanding and awareness of what others are experiencing in the world. To plan and prepare good food, as a way to nourish the body and encourage quality living.

 How do you find mindfulness in the morning?

I find mindfulness by avoiding social media, by turning off the television, and by focusing on my priorities.

What do you do the night before to make your mornings feel easier?

I don’t like to fuss with breakfast in the morning. So I hard-boil eggs so that they are easy to grab and go. I actually place them in a cupcake pan and cook them in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes.

 Bonus: What are you working on right now? Tell my readers about what you do and any fun projects you are working on. Shameless plug! 

I have a lifestyle/DIY blog that I started a few months after returning from NYC after my daughter’s liver transplant – it’s called Cloudy Day Gray. I believe that we all have cloudy days, but it is what you do with those days that define who you are. I try my best to give, live, and love while celebrating the everyday as a mother, crafter, and donate life advocate. Over the summer we bought our first home and so right now I am really enjoying taking the time to do some updating to make it truly ours. I like to think I have a very modern and minimalist taste, but I also don’t take style too seriously. I love to mix the old with the new, add pops of color whenever I can, and reveal the beauty in everyday objects. I would love for you to stop by and say hello, join in on my #howidonatelife campaign, and let me know what I should make next!

Sarah Hebenstreit from Modern Kids Photography is not only an amazing photographer but also amazing mama to the beautiful Willa. They live in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities and today are sharing their morning routine with us. I know you will enjoy this one, Sarah has super cool style.  Don’t forget to check in tomorrow to see Sarah’s Mama must-haves!

View More: http://lisaelizabethimages.pass.us/lapetitepeachAre you a morning person? If not, how do you handle getting up early with your kids?

I never used to say I was a morning person but I’m realizing more and more that I actually am. I’m much more productive in the morning hours. I like being up early when everything is quiet and peaceful. There’s a hopefulness and optimism to the day when you’re up early and as a photographer I’m a little obsessed with the light throughout the day but especially in the morning. Even before I had a child I didn’t mind getting up early. Also, I love the rituals of early morning like making coffee, reading the paper, and seeing the weather change from crisp early and often foggy mornings to midday sun.

What is a typical weekday morning like in your house?

A typical morning for us would be a wakeup time sometime between 6:30-7:30. I co-sleep with Willa and it’s a wonderful thing. I know it’s not for everyone but it works for us. Therefore I’m immediately greeted with a big smile and a hug. We play a little upstairs making the bed and getting ourselves refreshed a bit then we all make our way downstairs. We usually step outside for a few minutes to feel the air. Then we’ll listen to the news or play a record while making some breakfast and of course COFFEE.

What’s the best part of your morning?

It’s hard to pick one so I have a few: 1) waking up next to my sweet girl 2) taking that first sip of a hot cup of coffee 3) – if I’m lucky and there’s time – a hot shower and a few moments to myself to get ready for the day

La Petite Peach_Modern Kids 1 La Petite Peach_Modern Kids 2What’s a non-negotiable in your morning?

Good moods and coffee. 😉

How are your mornings different on the weekend?

On weekends since my husband and I aren’t in a huge rush for work we usually take a long walk in the neighborhood and make a bigger breakfast and in general just ease into our day a bit more.

mindful mornings

What were your mornings like before you became a mama?

Actually they weren’t drastically different than they are now. We would get ready and then have a coffee in the neighborhood (we have so many amazing coffee spots within walking distance) we usually go to Front where we can sit outside year-round and have a cappuccino in a real cup and saucer which is a small pleasure. We still do that with the baby but only on weekends. I definitely spent more time reading and relaxing in the morning but I wouldn’t trade my crazy mornings now with Willa for the world.

La Petite Peach_Modern Kids 3 La Petite Peach_Modern Kids 4What’s your dream morning?

Waking up in a fun vacation home someplace dreamy with Joe & Willa and my extended family (we live far away from family so I am constantly missing them) and making a big breakfast then taking a long walk together.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. Always coffee. Every now and then though I do love some Earl Grey with milk and sugar.

How do you find mindfulness in the morning? 

Immediately greeting the day by stepping outside and feeling the air and looking at the sky, the dew on the ground, and admiring the birds and living things really helps to find some mindfulness. Once the day begins and everything starts moving faster (especially if I am shooting) I tend to loose the mindfulness…and my keys…and my wallet, etc. etc. and I need to continually remind myself to slow down and stop to take some deep breaths specifically the type of deep breathing I learned in a hypno-birthing class.

What do you do the night before to make your mornings feel easier?

Ideally I make a basic to do list and even a schedule if it’s particularly busy day. If I’m home with Willa the next day I like to think of a new adventure usually someplace neither of us has ever been or I’ll pick a part of the city she hasn’t experienced yet. Next up on my list for her is Chinatown. If I’m working I will usually get a little food prepared for her and I really love to have something simple prepared for breakfast like overnight steel cut oats or chia seed pudding (both are so easy). I also like to make sure that my camera bag is neatly packed and all of my various gear is charged and ready to go. Then I try really hard to go to bed as early as possible.

Bonus: What are you working on right now? Tell my readers about what you do and any fun projects you are working on. Shameless plug!

I’m working on a fun little magazine project with an illustrator and graphic designer as well as a new business idea for 2016! I can’t wait to share more.

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Yesterday, we heard from Lesleigh about her mindful morning! Today, we’re getting a peek into her mama must-haves, one of my favorite parts of this series! Check out more from Pearls on a String here and on Instagram. Lesleigh, thank you so much for joining us on La Petite Peach!

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