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La Petite Peach_Baby Gifts

A friend asked me recently what a good gift for a baby was. I love this because babies don’t do too much, even one year old’s, so the presents are almost geared towards the moms. In this case, I have a ton of fun ideas, but here are my 10 favorites right now. Some of these are “staples” and “must haves” and some I just completely love.

As usual, I would love to know what you think! Comment below or come over to Instagram and say hi. You can shop this post below.

PS> # 8 has been worn by all three of my kids and still going strong!


  1. Mustella Newborn Set 2. Blue Leather Shoes 3. Crib Sheets  4. Car Seat Cover/Nursing Scarf 5. Baby Bonnet 6Baby Wrap. 7. Seat & Sleep Sutton 8. Slipper Moccasins 9.A MidSumer Night’s Dream & Pride and Prejudice 10.Reversible Bib

December 8, 2014

Playing Around

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By Desiree Spinner

La Petite Peach_playground 1

There are very few times when I can get the whole family together, and hanging on the playground. I love bringing W to get her energy out, and when Luke said he would join us…we were beyond…

La Petite Peach_playground 2 La Petite Peach_playground 3 La Petite Peach_playground 4 La Petite Peach_playground 5

When did he get so grown up (wah)! Enjoying these family moments before I officially become “uncool” to hang with.

Currently in FASHION

Finding Inspiration

Animal Coats from Little Goodall

Marie Chantal Fall 2016

TGIF loves! I haven’t done a collection post in SO long, and I thought “no time like the present” to catch up on one. Here are some goodies I found online this week, and hoped you would enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend!

Cannelle et Vanille’s new studio space, fresh and modern!

Sweet boho babe swing/bassinet:

This gorgeous mama to-be’s maternity style:

This gorgeous gallery wall and precious daddy/baby moment:

Her outfit…obsessed!

This maxi skirt…is too amazing for words:

love note in a bottle…perfect for Valentines Day

Paris in the Winter….(sigh)

This history of Hot Toddys, I mean seriously, so fun!