Mindful Mornings with Kelli Murray

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Designer mama extraordinaire Kelli Murray has her own amazing business and also designs clothing for her line Rylee and Cru. I admire how down to earth and humble she is.  See how she spends her mornings below…

Are you a morning person? If not, how do you handle getting up early with your kids?

I am the farthest thing from a morning person. My creativity seems to come out at night, so I am usually up until the wee hours of the morning while the rest of the house is quiet and sleeping. My husband is a champ and usually wakes up with the kids so that I can steal another hour of sleep.

What is a typical weekday morning like in your house?

At around 7:30, my husband usually brings the kids into our room to wake me up. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day, waking up to their smiling faces as they crawl all over me and laughing together. I try to savor those short moments together cuddled in bed before our day really gets its start.

Then it’s to the kitchen for breakfast. Usually eggs or cereal…pancakes if I’m feeling generous. 😉 Three days out of the week, my daughter Rylee has preschool, so we scramble to get her ready and out the door in time. On those days, Cru and I are able to spend time together, just the two of us. I really cherish that time alone with him. You forget that you had all the time in the world for your first baby. But with your second, that quality time is harder to come by. La Petite Peach_Kelli Murray 1

What’s the best part of your morning?

I actually really love getting my daughter ready for school in the morning. I am fueled by her energy and inspired by her optimism and zeal for each day.

Mindful Mornings Kelli Murray

How are your mornings different on the weekend?

Much slower! I love that. The rush of most weekday mornings is not there and we can stay in our PJs for way too long (all day?). I feel like most of the time during the week, I am trying to figure out how to best manage my time and increase my productivity while keeping my priorities straight. On weekends, I try to forget about the to-do list and just enjoy being a mom and wife.

What were your mornings like before you became a mama?

Sometimes I miss that quiet time I used to have for reading through a devotional on my own or enjoying a cup of coffee with my husband. Now it’s louder and more chaotic, but I still wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What’s your dream morning?

Sleeping in and heading straight out the door to the ocean with my crew, eating breakfast burritos on the beach while we watch Dad surf.

Describe your morning in just 3 words.

Rambunctious. Brief. Cherished. La Petite Peach_Kelli Murray 2 La Petite Peach_Kelli Murray 4

What comes to mind when you think of mindfulness?

Being aware of my actions. Knowing that the things I do and say and my interactions with other people make an impact. Remembering the reasons I do what I do, and not letting business rob me of the joy of the present.

How do you find mindfulness in the morning?

I find I am the most at peace when I make time to pray or read through the Bible in the morning. It always gives me a renewed perspective.

What do you do the night before to make your mornings feel easier?

I prep lunches and make a to-do list of the things I don’t want to forget the next day. La Petite Peach_Kelli Murray 3

Bonus: What are you working on right now? Tell my readers about what you do and any fun projects you are working on. Shameless plug!

Gearing up to launch my new winter collection for Rylee & Cru at the end of November!

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