Maternity Style on a Dime

If you follow me on Instagram you have have probably noticed I am completely obsessd with my Solly Baby Wrap. It is by far my most favorite baby item purchase.  SO when I saw that owner, Elle, had super cute maternity style, I pretty much begged her to share her tips for our readers. Check out Maternity Style on a dime below!

From Elle of Solly Baby

In case it wasn’t already painfully obvious, let me first say that I’m no fashion blogger. Nor am I a real model. In fact, having my photo taken easily makes my “two-least-favorite-things-to-do” list, only to be trumped by being filmed. However, in my third pregnancy and at this point in my “maternal career”, I have finally figured out a few things (mostly the hard, ugly way) about maternity fashion so I felt compelled to share. Namely, what looks terrible, what looks flattering, where to put your money, and how to look curvy and cute rather than large and in charge.

I also learned a lot by working with one of my favorite photographers Jylare Smith on this project who is brilliant at knowing the angles that should be photographed and, perhaps more importantly, the angles that a pregnant woman should never torture herself by knowing exist. So take a few notes for your next maternity shoot.

1. Drape Style Tops & Cardigans

Drape-style tops and cardigans have been staples in my maternity wardrobe this go-round. They are comfortable without looking frumpy and from the first few awkward transitional months to full-blown third trimester and even into postpartum, they cover all the right places and leave the all the flattering curves to be seen. I also love that they don’t have to be maternity so you can keep them around well-after baby comes.

La Petite Peach_Solly Baby_floral-1

La Petite Peach_Solly Baby_floral-2{silk top: Urban Outfitters $69, tank: H&M $3, jeans: J.Crew $50, booties: Ross $25}

2. Leggings

It should go without saying that the color black is every pregnant woman’s best friend. It conceals and always makes me feel chic and sophisticated. I also love a good oversized sweater, just make sure it reaches down to the very top of your thigh as the “below the belly to the upper thigh area” is the awkward zone. Leggings pair well with oversized t-shirts and sweaters to offset the bagginess. I prefer leggings to maternity pants as they feel less cumbersome and lighter weight. I have purchased about 4-5 pairs of leggings this pregnancy, but I’m obsessed with these wet look leggings from Target. They are super comfortable and they dress up any outfit. Flats are definitely a pregnancy staple as well, pointed will make your feet look slimmer as your feet start to swell toward the end of pregnancy.

La Petite Peach_Solly Baby_black-2

{sweater: H&M $19, necklace: Old Navy $9, wet look leggings: Target $19, flats: discount store in the mall $13}

3. The Body Con Dress

I hosted a roundtable at Alt Summit this year in Salt Lake City and each night attended a semi-formal party, the first night having an emerald theme. I was a little stressed as to how on earth I would find any dress for my 8-month pregnant body, much less a green one, but Zara’s clearance rack did me right. I discovered that body con dresses are ideal for pregnant women mostly because they are so simple and slimming. They also hug in the right places, cover my arms (one of my least favorite areas), and are generally a little longer length, cutting in right at the knee, a very flattering length for swollen calves, etc.

The one thing I wish I’d had was a Blanqi Bodystyler for this dress to smooth out some of the extra lines.


La Petite Peach_Solly Baby_body-con-2{body con dress: Zara $20, necklace: Zara $35, booties: TJMaxx $60} 

4. Lace-ups

For a casual, fun look, accessories can go a long way. I’m not a huge fan of the empire waist, but I think when layered right, it works. Simple lace-ups are a must-have when you are chasing around two other little ones so I found myself burning through more than one pair of these basic Keds-style shoes from Urban Outfitters, 2 for $30.

La Petite Peach_Solly Baby_hat-glasses-3La Petite Peach_Solly Baby_hat-glasses-4

{hat: Urban Outfitters $30, sunglasses: Urban Outfitters $15, bracelets: H&M $5, cardigan: F21 $15, top: H&M $25, maternity pants: H&M $35, shoes: Urban Outfitters $15} 

5. Perfect Tees (3-4)

I have literally worn this v-neck t-shirt from Hello Apparel twice a week ever since I hit 20 weeks. Although it’s not a maternity shirt, it fit like a glove until week 37 and paired well with just about everything else in my closet, including this thrifted jacket I picked up a few years ago. Having 3-4 nicely fitting t-shirts is key! I think this is a time when actual maternity t-shirts are worth it so you’re not constantly pulling it down.

La Petite Peach_Solly Baby_jacket-2

La Petite Peach_Solly Baby_jacket-1

{jacket: thrifted, t-shirt: Hello Apparel $22, maternity leggings: Target $16} 

6. Maxi Dress

Finally, every bump needs a good maxi dress, especially for the end of pregnancy when nothing seems to fit quite right and you might feel tempted to rip off all your clothes multiple times a day out of discomfort (can you tell I’m 39 weeks pregnant??). Layers no longer work, everything seems to dig into the skin and something soft and simple is exactly what is needed. (Besides a Diet Coke because you’re not sleeping. Like ever.)

La Petite Peach_Solly Baby_maxi-2La Petite Peach_Solly Baby_maxi-3
{maternity maxi: Old Navy $11, sandals: Urban Outfitters $30}

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Bump Style Pinterest Board! We’d also LOVE to hear your maternity style tips!


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