Maternity and Mama Fashion Featuring Simply Bloom Photography

Ok we are admittedly in love with Simply Bloom Photography’s La Petite Peach, their mama style, and answer a few questions for our readers. AND have we ever mentioned that Vania is Italian and Christine is German? We l.o.v.e. this!

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Q1: What you are most excited about?
A1: When our baby boy arrives, I am most excited about nibbling on his baby toes and admiring his features. I am so curious and anxious to see this little person who I feel I know so much and yet so little of.

Q2: What makes you the most nervous?
A2: Currently I am most nervous about the unknown contraction pain. I have been trying to prepare myself for the worst kind of pain, and I still hear that won’t be enough.  Reading birth stories has been very helpful and encouraging.

Q3: The most surprising thing you’ve learned along the way
A3: I am not sure I’ve learned much quite yet. I have been reading countless baby books for months now, and aside from some tips and pointers, both the hubby and I feel we will just be “ourselves” and strive our hardest to provide any and everything to our baby boy– that is the most genuine type of parenting we could ever offer.

Q4: Pregnancy “must haves”
A4: Pregnancy, or no pregnancy, I could not live without Bare Minerals bronzer! Also I have discovered a new lipstick shade by NARS that is so effortless and natural-“Barbarella”. My favorite baby book thus far has been “Bringing up Bebe”– as an Italian, reading about the comparison of American parenting versus French parenting, I find many things to be true and enlightening. And as for my favorite comfort food: Nutella– slathered on just about anything!

Q1: Your favorite mommy moment…

A1: This may sound cheesy, but every single moment with my little guy gets better and better. His first breath took mine away, his first smile melted me into a puddle of love, with his first steps I thought my heart may explode… Every single milestone is incredible and leaves me completely in awe. But it is the simple moments, the ones that almost go unnoticed, that are the best. The other day I spied him staring at me. When he noticed that I had noticed, he came running to me, hugging me and whispering “Mama” with such affection. That right there was definitely a favorite mommy moment.

Q2: What surprised you the most about motherhood?

A2: I was prepared to experience a love I had never felt before; you always hear people talk about it. But I was definitely pleasantly surprised just how intense this motherly love flows. It’s unexplainable.

Q3: Your hope for your little one…

A3: I hope that he will live with passion and determination and to always pursue his dreams.

Q4: Your favorite recipe, book or any “must haves” for mamas!
A4: I think an all in one mama-must-have is Pinterest !

To see where to get Vania and Christine’s “must haves” check out our Pinterest to see the board they created!

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