Listening to Your Mind and Body

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Last week I was supposed to be in NYC for not only a fun family trip, but also for some important business meetings. Typically I am pretty bad at listening to my inner voice and my body. It’s something I am always trying to do better. This time, I actually followed my own advice and realized that I was too large, tired, and just not feeling up for a 6 hour road trip with two kids (which normally I love!). It didn’t feel right to put my body through the physical parts of driving (while pregnant) and being in the city with small children.  So, I decided to cancel my plans and stay home.

I thought I would feel relieved, but I actually became anxious and doubtful of my decision hours after! Listening to my body is not something I am used to. Usually I ignore, end up pushing myself, and then have a great (although physically exhausting) time. However, after sleeping on it, I felt much better about my decision and had a great week catching up on not only home and work projects, but also with the kids. With a cleared schedule, it made some room for quality family time. All in all, it was the wiser and better decision for me at that time.

I thought of some great questions to ask yourself when trying to make a similar decision to listen to your mind and body. Following that inner voice takes practice but I think we all could listen more carefully to our intuition. I hope this helps…

1. If I don’t do this, will I get fired and/or lose a client?

2. If I back out will I feel OK or anxious about my decision?

3. Will I be able to accomplish more if I cancel _____?

4. Will I lose money if I don’t go to _____?

5. What will I do with my time, once I have cleared this task from my schedule?

6. How will this impact my business and the work of my colleagues/and or clients?

7. If I went, what would I really gain?

8. Most importantly, can this be done another day? Or during another time/trip?

These questions should help you listen to your mind and body, but I would love to hear how you make tough decisions. Do make pro/con lists? Is listening to your inner voice easy or does it come naturally to you? I would love to hear more so please email me, comment below or head on over to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let me know!

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