Link Love 1/8/16

Happy Friday! Here are my favorite links and goodies from around the web this week (so I can close the 700 tabs open on my computer, hehe)…
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1. Help out this sweet family in need. I love how many people have already come together!

2. Will blogs survive in 2016? An interesting perspective…

3. An expert on co-sleeping discusses the science and safety of sleeping in bed with your family.

4. 15 ways you probably aren’t using coconut oil.

5. The return of the lumbersexual and its discontents.

6. This butternut squash and kale lasagna recipe…I’m drooling!!

7. I love this blog, Europeans are so cool.

8. How to care for indoor plants, and I know the sweet chica behind this New York Times story!

9. What to include in your business plan.

10. If you didn’t see the Tatums on Lip Sync Battle last night, you should watch ASAP!

Photos Via All Things Stylish

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