La Petite Peach to benefit Boston

This past week my family, and I were on vacation. We took a little road trip down the east coast, and although we had an amazing time, our hearts were heavy thinking about the tragedy in Boston. It really hit too close to home, our satellite office is a mere one block from where this all happened. My friends and my family are in Boston, and more than ever I feel so lucky that every single one was safe and sound.During times like this, it really makes you think about your family, and I will for sure be holding mine a little tighter from now on.

All of us at La petite Peach have felt helpless in this situation. Hopefully this will help, even if it is just a little bit. For the next 48 hours (starting Monday 9am est.), all of the proceeds for (3 month) ads will be donated to One Fund Boston to help victims of this tragedy. Our team will personally deliver the check, (stay tuned via instagram for details) and we hope that the families will gain continued support from the community. We love our city, and will continue to share ways to help during this trying time.

xoxo Desiree

Boston image from Zazzle

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