Introducing Cryoow!

Waly and his daughter, Nora, introduced us to their business, Cryoow!, a few months ago and we absolutely love everything about it! In 2004 Cryoow! came to life, they are the handmade dolls from your child’s imagination. Keep reading to learn the full story of Cryoow! and how to bring your child’s drawing into life!

All about Cryoow!: “Cryoow! dolls are the “brain child” of our seven year old daughter Nora. She asked one day one of our tailors to make for her a doll from a drawing she made spontaneously while waiting for her lunch time. Very sad she told the tailor that it is no fun to play, hug and kiss “a sheet of paper.” She wanted to have a real doll that looks exactly like her drawing! That was the birthday of “Tom” the very first Cryoow! doll! Ever since, Tom was “loved to death” by Nora: she brings him everywhere, she plays with him day and night. After some time we offered her to repair Tom or at least to be allowed to wash him; but Nora does not want to be separated from Tom for one single second, her Tom cannot be touched by somebody else. She says: “There is nothing wrong with Tom, I like him this way!” What an unlimited love story we witnessed!

That was the first time we realized that Nora created something special and we started to think about how she could share this love story with other kid’s. In our company Sumber Bali- founded in 2004 in Denpasar- we started to work on this idea and the result of our experiments we offer to you on our homepage .

All Cryoow! dolls are handmade as the original Tom that Nora loves so much is. Each Cryoow! doll is unique and is never reproduced. By transforming your drawing into a Cryoow! doll we follow your drawing as close as possible. The artistic value of the character shown in your drawing will always have the highest priority for us. All Cryoow! dolls are professionally tailored, in best quality, and made from durable fabrics. They even could be hand washed if you are able to receive the permission of your small angel, so better you forget about that point!”

Don’t you just love the idea of bringing your child’s drawing to life?!

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