How to Fake a Good Nights Sleep

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Confession-I hit the snooze button 4-7 times in the morning before getting up. Everyone does right? I used to brag about never needing to “snooze it” or even drink coffee, but now there is just no way I would be pleasant to be around with out my zzz’s, and caffeine.  Here are my tips for faking like you got a good night’s sleep…

1. I drink water with a lemon slice the second I get up, the sourness kicks me out of bed (I keep it on my night stand in a water bottle) and use it to take my vitamins right away.

2. Hop out of bed and stretch! I feel like it gets the blood moving in your body.

3. Stick my head outside the window-this is weird but a quick breath of fresh air always wakes me up.

4. Shower before the kids get up-I love doing this because then I can enjoy my coffee and answer some emails before the chaos begins.

5. After I shower but before my coffee, I begin my beauty routine SEE ABOVE! I’m a beauty junkie but I never have enough time so I stick to the basics!

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