January 19, 2015

Motherhood Monday/Lost in the City

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By Desiree Spinner

I was in Boston last week, and I did something so ridiculous.


Wesleigh and I where in the city for the day, then spent the night after a delicious meal with a great friend.

The next morning I went to one of the coziest coffee shops for a brain storming session with a new blogger friend  (if you don’t read the Boston Day Book, you should asap). Wesleigh and I decided to walk there, it was literally 5 degrees. Since she screamed the last two blocks, and was a total baby-cicle, I decided to “Uber it” back to Beacon Hill.

What happened next is a blur. I got back to the hotel, and realized that we DID NOT have Wesleigh’s blanket (pictured above). The one she has had since a newborn, the blanket that we definitely had on the way there. I called the front desk-nothing, followed by my Uber driver-nothing, and then finally the cafe…NOTHING! I left my name/number JUST IN CASE someone turned it in. Then…5-7 minutes of crying like a baby-me, not Wesleigh.

Confession-I did this with Luke too when he was the same age, the only good thing is that he had two blankets that where exactly the same, and I lost the “newer” one and not the one he had as a newborn.

I am pretty sure this was an official “mommy melt-down”?!

But I stopped freaking out pulled it together, and decided on the way home, I would drive the car down Newbury Street, and look for the blanket. I was hoping it would be there, but was prepped for the worst. When I got there, I actually/seriously, found it. It was 50 feet from the cafe, and in the middle of the road. I stopped the car, ran through the middle of the road to get it, and then danced back to the car.

Every bad experience has a lesson. I hate this saying, but it’s so true. From now on we are traveling with a special “travel” blanket, so that the original can stay SAFE AT HOME! Have you ever done anything like this? Please say yes…

When I post on La Petite Peach, what you see is the best of the best images from each styled shoot or personal photo. What you don’t see is…

me running around like a crazy person, Ashley chasing Wesleigh with props, and Tanya trying to put shoes on her. Something like this out-take above from our holiday shoot…

Seriously, capturing a moment in the life of a toddler can be crazy, you should have seen me in NYC last week! I took maybe, 2 decent shots of Wesleigh. She just didn’t want to stop for one second (which can be cute) but I REALLY wanted a shot of her on the stoop of a quaint SoHo building, and it just wasn’t happening. On the blog, I try to celebrate the loving, and happy moments in our day-and choose to forget (and delete) the runny noses, and tantrum pictures. So it may look good on the site, but you should see us!

Here are some tips I have learned along the way when it comes to taking photos of your kids…

1. Find the best time of day for your baby.

Wesleigh is the sweetest, first thing in the morning. This is when we take our little outings. I let her sleep as long as she wants, give her a bottle, and a hearty breakfast then she is ready to go. However, this is when she is ready to burn some energy. If I want her to sit still for a shoot, I need to make sure all that baby energy has been burned off. Usually, some outside time for 20-30 minutes is all she needs. If I waited until after lunch (nap time) she would fall apart!

2. Be Patient…

Baby’s are super sensitive, and they can tell if you are feeling anxious or if your vibe is stressed. Try to be patient, and let them do their thing a little. Sometimes, I get the BEST shots when she is just playing on her own.

3. Bring some snacks and toys!

I can’t even tell you how many times I have received the sweetest compliments on photos of Wesleigh, and I know for a fact that she has a mouth full of food. I bring crackers, nuts, raisins and a bottle to every shoot. *don’t forget the wipes for messy faces*

4. Learn when to throw in the towel.

Sometimes you have to just roll with the punches. Wesleigh has an off day now and then. When this happens, I simply put my camera away, and take my sweet girl out for a smoothie.

I hope this helps you when you are out and about taking some beautiful shots of your babes. Do you have any other tips I can share? Would love to hear your favorite places to take family photos too! Comment below!

Behind The Scenes from Desiree Spinner on Vimeo.

Disclaimer-I am not a professional photographer, I work with them on styled shoots for La Petite Peach, (I do shoot all my personal experiences that I blog here) but this list is just from my personal experience as a mama with a camera!


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