Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I am celebrating 11 years with my hubby tonight, crazy how time flies when your having fun! Here are my favorite links from around the internet this week…

Guest blogging over on Mini Style about warmer weather and floral crowns.

Love this article in the NY Times by favorite author Pamela Druckerman.

Love this local blogger from Boston!

Amazing podcast Zen Parenting, I’ve been listing every morning for a few weeks. Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law for the rec!

Guest blogging over on The Boston Day Book about winter on Cape Cod.

This new tutorial by my fave beauty blogger Angela Lanter.

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I think technically a foreign film constitutes subtitles at the bottom of your screen, but these 6 films consist of subtitled goodies and/or take place anywhere but the US.  Since having kids I hardly ever make the time to sit down and watch a flick. When I find time to relax, I love to watch the same movies I have already seen ie. Pride and Prejudice, and The Sound of Music (so boring I know)! Here are some favorites that have been recommended to me over the last few years. However, if you search Netflix and even OnDemand there are a TON more (and newer) movies to choose from.

1. Ponyo: This is one of the weirdest, and best animated movies ever. It’s about a girl/fish who befriends a little boy and has some interesting adventures. This movie is perfect for a rainy day and family members of all ages.

2. The Wind Rises: This was the last film of famed Japanese writer and director Hayao Miyazaki about a young boy who yearns to fly planes. This movie is great for the little guys!

3. La Vie En Rose: The story of famous French songbird Edith Piaf played by Marion Cotillard. I LOVE this movie and it’s perfect for a date night at home.

4. The Intouchables: This movie is funny, witty and touching. A true story about a young man who befriends a man crippled by a disease and they form a most unique friendship. This is something for the ladies and the gents.

5. A Cat in Paris: This movie is a little mature in nature, maybe for children who are 6 and older. But it’s so interesting. Something you can definitely watch with the kids to mellow out. The relationship between a girl and her cat, and of course it takes place in Paris.

6. Life is Beautiful: This is one of those films you just have to see. It’s an Italian tragic-comedy that takes place during WWII that’s touching, and completely unforgettable.

Would LOVE your suggestions if you have recently watched any great foreign films. Comment below…You can also get these flicks here: 1|2|3|4|5|6

Bonus* Definitely watch Amelie if you haven’t yet!!!


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So when I say “shake up” your morning, I mean change it…for the better! The point is to have a routine of any type, in the morning, or at night. You need, and deserve REAL time to yourself doing things that will make your day better and easier.

1. Wake up an Hour Earlier: This is like probably the last thing you want to do, but I PROMISE it will start a cycle of productivity! Once you start getting up an hour earlier, you will be tired earlier. This means more sleep.

2. Change What You Eat: Before you go to bed at night, place a glass of water with lemon beside your bed. Don’t get out of bed in the morning until you drink the entire glass. It is SO good for your body, flush out all those toxins before your feet hit the floor. Follow that with a multivitamin, a smoothie (or oatmeal) and finally your coffee or tea. You will get the best energy all day long.

3. Yoga: Before you get out of bed, do some stretching. Stretch your arms above your head with your fingers interlocked. Then stretch them in front of you, and lean forward. Lay on your back with your feet stretched in the air. Do whatever moves you want to get the blood circulating. You will feel more awake in just a few seconds.

4. Take 5 Deep Breaths: Before you step out of bed, take 5 large-very big deep-breaths in through your nose, and out your mouth. This always puts me at ease.

5. Change Your Sheets: Then spray them with a lavender spray (like this one) so when you climb into bed tonight they will be clean, crisp, and smelling like sweet slumber. Of course you don’t have to do this every day (not realistic), but try it on the first day of your new morning routine.

6. Repeat This Mantra: 3 times “I am going to kill it today. I am going to do my very best, at every single thing I do.” Say whatever mantra you want, but say it out loud and believe it!

7. Make Big Decisions in the Morning: This is when you are most clear. Don’t save decisions for the end of the day.  Also, make a list of things you need to do for the day in the morning so you aren’t doing it on the fly, and stressing yourself out.

8. Switch up your Coffee Routine: This is literally a killer for me personally because I love coffee. However, alternating coffee days with tea days, will change your life. Monday’s are most definitely a coffee day but try to drink tea on Tuesday/Thursdays.  I have noticed that coffee dries out my skin, and I think switching it up has seriously helped.

9. Light a Candle: Lighting a candle before you get into bed, send the message to your restless brain that it is time to RELAX. The more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to…

10. Go to Bed an Hour Earlier: Get into bed an hour earlier. You don’t have to go right to sleep, but do something calming. Read a book or a magazine, but be technology free. NO emails, Instagram or Facebooking. Do something for you! Put on a face mask if you don’t like to read!

Try these out, and tell me in the comment section how you feel!

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