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Summer has started early for us because Luke has been out of school since June 3rd! Although I was in a little bit of a panic (activities don’t really start until the end of June), I have to to say that it’s nice not having to do the school hustle every day-you know packing lunches and rushing out the door. The kids sleep in until at least 9, which means I am getting a TON done in the morning and we have a nice (not rushed) family breakfast together.

I love more than anything, going out for a long lunch. Something there is no way I could do with school in session. I would have to get Wesleigh down for a nap not a minute later than 12:30 then wake her up to get Luke at school. Now we can be out and about and take our time. We went to the Brown Jug, a cute cafe the town next to us for some exploring. Wesleigh and I are into the cheese selection-you can read more here.

I would love to know what your excited about when your little ones getting out of school! Comment below!

Wesleigh is wearing clothes from Baby Gap including this romper, shoes, and sweater-sold out but similar here. Thank you to Rebecca Hansen from First Mate Photo for shooting this for us.

La Petite Peach_early summer Mood Board

When I was young teenager, one of my most favorite things to do was to make a collage out of poster board and magazine clippings. I would lay out all my favorite magazines and even some from around the house, and cut out images/words/colors that I loved and saved them in envelopes. Then I would buy some poster board and make big, and even very small collages about what was going on in my life at that time. Fitting the perfect images together was a challenge that I just loved.  When I was done, I would lay wax paper (I used regular glue or paste) over the collage and placed a good ole’ dictionary on top. So in the morning I would have a perfectly flat and perfect image collage to put on my nightstand, hang on my wall, or give to a girlfriend. They always had a cool theme which I spelled out at the top by mixing letters from different magazine headlines. I did things like, “the best June ever”, “memories from the fair” and my favorite “summer lovin'”.

Since I have been in bed for a few days, (I relished that first day) I have read two books and watched about 6 movies. I was thinking about what I used to do when I was bored and remembered this little activity that I loved so much.  SO I decided to make an early summer mood board as an homage to my teenager years. This time it’s a digital one, but it was still fun all the same.

What do you do when you have extended downtime? I would love to hear!

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Martha’s Vineyard Style


La Petite Peach for Gap Kids

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East Coast Surf Inspiration

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Another week is almost at an end! We are getting closer and closer to summer, and it has me motivated to get back into the kitchen with some fresh summer fruits and veggies.  It’s been a long winter without juicy raspberries (my favorite) that are sweet and in season. Here are my favorite links from around the web…

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4. All about free-range parenting.

5. The buzz on coffee.

6. Charlotte Tilbury beach stick is a must have.

7. Stocking up on my favorite sea salt spray right now!

8.Kiss mix…muah!

9. I want this swimsuit…hopefully Rocky Barnes’ bod comes with it?

10.The most perfect hat for summer!

1. Coconut Yogurt Waffles, 2. Ramp Pappardelle with Ramp Pesto 3. Lemon Raspberry Madeleines 4. Spring Quinoa Salad