I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. We are having family up to celebrate some birthdays and quality cousin time.  Here are my favorite links from around the web this week…

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Local boss girl, Tara Foley is on The Every Girl!

A baby carrier for your baby’s, baby.

This necklace.

Kelli Murray‘s website, branding, and everything.

A hand painted tambourine? Yes, please!

Baby bloomers from Cleobella.

This homepage image, amazing.

Photo by Greer Rivera

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Just in case you missed our Bonpoint visit make sure you check it out! I was thinking about how every time I go to NYC, I visit all the same places (such a creature of habit). When Wesleigh and I last went, we really branched out and tried some new things…

La Petite Peach_things to do in NYC 25
La Petite Peach_things to do in NYC 29
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We went shopping, tried new foods, hit up food trucks, and explored new neighborhoods. I have to say though, don’t leave the city without doing these (below) 11 things!

La Petite Peach_things to do in NYC 31
La Petite Peach_things to do in NYC 32
La Petite Peach_things to do in NYC 33
La Petite Peach_things to do in NYC 34
La Petite Peach_things to do in NYC 35
La Petite Peach_things to do in NYC 36
La Petite Peach_things to do in NYC 43
La Petite Peach_things to do in NYC 44
La Petite Peach_things to do in NYC 45

Of course, we went to all our favorite places we always go to as well. I mean there is no way I am leaving NYC without a fabulous brunch or strolling the aisles at Eataly for goodies to bring home. Here are my new, and old, go-to spots.

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Food Truck: By far the best thing that ever happened to me is, Waffles and Dinges , it’s just like the mini waffles I used to get on the side of the road in Florence.

Brunch: Everyone in NYC does brunch, and I know New Yorkers are rolling their eyes, but Balthazar is amazing and I won’t leave the city without at least walking by!

Coffee on the go: Dean and Deluca is one of those places where you stop for a quick coffee/shopping break and you leave with flowers, fresh fruit, a smoothie, 4 types of cheeses you have never heard of, honey from France, and 2 new types of olive oil. O.k. maybe that’s just me?

Kids Shopping: This is it’s own blog post, seriously, but Bonpoint is so gorgeous and it’s next to Ladurée so it’s a double wammy! Sweet William and Giggle are also favorites.

A Salad: Jack’s Wife Freda is a super cute café in Soho with killer salads!

Music: I have been following Carte Blanche for years and seeing them play live in the city is something you just have to see for yourself.

Bath and Body: Sabon in NYC is a lovely place to get bath and body products. I have been using the scrub for over 5 years (vanilla-coconut) and the handmade soaps are delightful. TIP-when they ask if you want to wash your hands, DO IT! I didn’t do it the first time I walked in, I thought it was maybe, weird? The second time around I did and got to see how to use the products and left with baby bottom, soft hands.

People Watching: There are a ton of outdoor café’s in NYC perfect for people watching, but I love grabbing a cappuccino in the lounge of the Mercer Hotel. So many beautiful people in one spot. It’s a great place to grab a drink and dinner too.

Gourmet Superstore: Eataly in the Flatiron District of NYC, it a feast for the eyes and stomach. Imagine a HUGE Italian outdoor farmers market, but indoors! There are restaurants (including a pizza stop), gourmet grocery, gelato, fresh cheese, meats, pastas and more. You must, I repeat, must go here if you are in the city.

Guacamole: Dos Caminos, just go!

A Quick Bite: I love popping into Olives. Strong, hot coffee and great salads, amazing little sandwiches and just a great place to pop into get a bite.

Thanks so much to Brookelyn Photography for shooting this for us! xo!

Wesleigh is wearing a dress, coat, shoes, bonnet, and scarf. I am wearing top, shoes, jeans, and sunglasses.

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There is nothing I love more than reruns of Julia Child, cooking and making a big ol’ hot mess. She is hysterical but also talented, and admirable. I have read just about every book by, and about her. Teaching my kiddos about Julia (we live an hour from her last home in Cambridge!) is still a little abstract for them. My oldest has seen Julie&Julia, and so that helps paint a picture on how influential she was. However, it’s hard to find a really great kids book about her. Until now…


When I found this book Bon Appétit by Jessie Hartland, I was psyched. This book is filled with beautifully drawn images, telling the story of Julia’s life. This is perfect for my oldest because he is into comics (i.e. Big Nate) and the book consists mostly of “comic like” illustrations. My little one loves it because there are little things that she knows on the pages and can point to, like “pomme”! I love how the book offers some simple French words for things kids will already know like “bread, table, apple” etc. I highly recommend checking Bon Appétit out.

Here are some amazing Julia books for Adults:

1. My FAVORITE book is My Life in France.

2. Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom is a fun books of Julia anecdotes.

3. Dearie, is a lovely book about Julia’s life from Califronia, France, and finally in Cambridge.

We also have the book Julia, Child which is a fictional story that sprinkles in some fun Julia facts!