Here is the long list of ALL my favorite Etsy shops right now!! I have bought at least one item from each shop over the past year and had an amazing experience. Finding original gifts and baby fashion is one of my favorite things to do. I hope you enjoy!
La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_Free Babes

Free Babes

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_Harlow Jade

Harlow Jade

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_A Tiny Arrow

A Tiny Arrow

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_About Nola

About Nola

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_Gera Bloga

Gera Bloga

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_For the Host

For the Host

La Petite Peach_etsy ad

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_Little Foot Boutique

Little Foot Boutique

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_Lovely Lake

Lovely Lake

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_A Heirloom

A Heirloom

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_Sew Trendy

Sew Trendy Accessories

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_Milkcart


 La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_Swallows Return

Swallow’s Return

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_The Little Spoon

The Little Spoons

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_The Wheatfield

The Wheatfield

La Petite Peach_Favorite Etsy_Threads and Arrows

Threads & Arrows


We just got back from the west coast on Friday night and are still a little jet lagged, so yesterday we spent the day outside walking and enjoying the New England spring! Since we spent the week in the city, I remembered this sweet little board book I bought for Luke when he was a little babe, called The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. You might recognize the cover because…

La Petite Peach_The Little House 4
La Petite Peach_The Little House 5
La Petite Peach_The Little House 2
La Petite Peach_The Little House 3
La Petite Peach_The Little House 1

she also wrote Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel. Remember that book?! Anyways, The Little House, is about a sweet little cottage that goes from living in the beautiful country, to having a city built around it, and then back to the country. I love the baby board version because it had Wesleigh interested and it started a nice family discussion about what we love about the city, and what we love about our little town. We take our quiet little town for granted this time of year because there isn’t a ton to do outside the house, but it’s a sweet little town we feel blessed to be a part of.

Do you talk to your kids about city/country life? Would love to know about it below!

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La Petite Peach_Links I love San Fran

Tomorrow my family and I are off to San Francisco to see my sister! I have been counting down the days for months and I can’t believe it’s finally here.  Last time we went it was just W and I, she was only 6 months old so this time will be much more exciting. We are also staying right in the city, which will be perfect for exploring. This week’s link round up is all about San Fran…

My tips on toddler travel are over on Boston Day book

SF Girl by the Bay spends some time at Peet’s and so do I…

Tyler Florence’s restaurant is on my San Fran bucket list while I am there…

Found this gem online and I HAVE to go!

This new kids shop is right near my sister’s apartment and I can’t wait to see it!

Love this NY times article about San Fran at night…

Super cool interior design blogger in the city…

Also loving the blog Shop Sweet Things, she lives in San Fran!


 Photography by Britt Rene Photography