We are off to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee for our annual family trip. So excited to have delicious food at Blackberry Farm. Don’t forget to follow our adventures on Instagram. Do you guys have February vacation plans?! Here are my favorite things from around the internet this week…

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Ok yes, Wesleigh is getting a little big to “baby wear” but she did say “weeee” the first time I tried this amazing baby wearing coat on from B&ME ! I think she likes it! My only regret, is not getting this coat sooner. It’s SO perfect for little ones on cold New England days.

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If you are trying to look stylish this winter, and baby wear. You should most definitely check out this coat by B&Me. You can wear it while pregnant, with baby, and without baby. Definitely one of my favorite finds!

Baby wearing is one of the most amazing things you can do with, and for your new (or older) baby. When I was pregnant with Luke I did a ton of research on which carriers to buy, and SO much had changed by the time Wesleigh was born. There are different carriers that I think work for different age groups. Here are my favorites below.

For Newborns: For newborn babies I love the Solly Baby wrap. It’s perfect for breast feeding too.

For Babies 6+ Months: The Ergo is a carrier I still use for Wesleigh. She is 24 lbs and I can still wear her in the front without hurting my neck or back.

For Toddlers: The Osprey baby pack is perfect for toddlers, and babies who are 8 months and up. The perfect hiking pack!

The Details: B&Me coat, Ergo 360 carrier, Anthropologie head wraps, Zuzii shoes, and AG jeans (on sale!) and Photography by Lisa from Lisa Elizabeth Images

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Staying Positive During the Winter

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The Best Baby Carriers

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How to Care for Baby Clothes

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Ever wonder how the French wear red lips, like during the day, and look amazing?! They always looks so natural, and put together, but when I do it at home it looks…eh…not so much. My friend Emma, and I teamed up to show some tips on how you can wear red every day and look as chic as a Parisian!

Step 1: Do an at home lip scrub if your lips are dry. Mix together sugar and olive oil and rub over the lips gently. Lip stick always looks better on hydrated lips rather than dry flaky ones.
Step 2: Apply lip color with a lip brush (see alternative below) from the tube
Step 3: Blot your lips with a tissue as many times as you would like, until you feel the most comfortable with the color. Blotting allows you to tone down a bold red!
Step 4: Be fabulous around the house, grocery shopping and then in the pick up line!

Variations: You can also “tap” the color straight from the tube if you don’t have a lip brush. Use your finger to blend and push the pigment onto your lips to create a subtle version of your lip stick-similar to a stain! For a more “sheer look” you can apply a thin layer of clear chapstick or balm, then apply a light layer of the red over the lips.

*The rest of your makeup should be minimal when you are rocking red lips. A little blush, light neutral eye shadows, and a little eye liner on the top with mascara.

Tips on the perfect color:

-For fair skin: cool red work the best, like cherry or pinky reds. Cooler blue tones.
-Medium to dark skin: Warmer reds like a tomato red or orangy-red

All skin tones look great in a “true” classic red!

All tips and makeup by Emma at Eden Skin Care and Makeup Photography by Lisa Elizabeth Images

I tried doing it myself the next morning! Check out the results on Instagram, would love to know your favorite red, I am adding to my new collection!