Wesleigh and I took a girls only trip (sorry boys) to New York City to do some work for La Petite Peach. I planned our trip perfectly so that we could have our photos taken by the Fox and the Sparrow team. If you haven’t heard of the Fox and the Sparrow Sessions yet, you better get out your phone, and check their Instagram asap…

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This amazing, and talented group of ladies came together to style, and photograph moms/ moms to be, and their babes, in a super simple setting, but not before getting all dolled up!

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When we first arrived at the (Airbandb!) apartment in NYC, I was a smidge nervous. After have being in the wedding industry for 5 years, I would have to living under a rock to not know stylist Tori Hendrix, photographer Rachel Castillero, makeup artist Erica Beukelman and Rachel from Siren Floral! These California babes-we call them “super chieks” (pronounced cheeks) at the office, are so, so talented.

Here is the gist…I arrived on site, (they shoot in different locations, from Cali to NYC), and sat down with Erica. We chatted about what side I part my hair on, what colors I normally wear, and what type of skin I have. She performs some serious magic, and got rid of my under eye circles, and airbrushed some perfect contours. By the way, during this time, Wesleigh is climbing all around getting into everything(cheeky baby) but no one seems to mind. And then she makes my eyes pop, while not looking the slightest over done. Oh, and she gives me mermaid hair.

Tori has a TON of clothing options for the mamas, and the babies. Everything is white, ivory or cream colored. Wesleigh, and I pick a few options, and get dressed. We head into the little bedroom off the living area. Rachel put us immediately at ease, her vibe is calm, and relaxed. She took about 45 minutes to shoot us, and was beyond patient when W was being a little scootch.  Rachel from Siren, can whip up a floral crown for you, and your babe as well. She is so chill, and sweet, W loved her. We were done with our session in a blink, and I headed back to the hotel.

Seriously, this was such a blast. Wesleigh and I had some bonding time too, she even fell fast asleep on me on the way back to the hotel-mama’s you know how much we love when this happens! If you want to see where the next Fox and the Sparrow session is held, check out their Instagram for more info!

La Petite Peach_Fall Sweater

Joie Shera B Tunic Heather Camel // JOA Cable Knit Sweater With Zipper Detail//Patchwork Poncho Grey//Velvet Cashmere Fringe Turtleneck //Joie Jalea B Cape  //Vince Womens Seamed Turtleneck Sweater Size //BP. Print Tassel Trim Poncho //Autumn Cashmere Cable-Knit Cowlneck Poncho//Bobeau Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap Cardigan

I am definitely a summer girl through, and though, however, I do enjoy the fall here on Cape Cod. All the tourists have left, the leaves are changing, and I can finally bring all my cozy sweaters to the front of my closet. OK it’s really the #1 thing I love about fall! Who doesn’t love a pair of old jeans, and an over-sized sweater?! NO ONE that’s who! The black striped poncho is on it’s way to my front door as we speak <3 Are you a sweater gal? I wear them in place of a coat (unless we have a snow storm) all winter long. Would love to hear about your fall uniform…

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