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Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend. It’s back to the grind today. The gals, and I are photo shoot planning with baby w, so coffee is in order-as always on a Monday morning. I discovered this gorgeous line (above) MarMar a few months ago, don’t you love when a line has equally cute boys options as girls?! Hope you have a great day!

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Posted on September 22, 2014

La Petite Peach_Fitst Mate PhotographyFirst Mate Photography//Jean shirt from Gap Kids//Shorts from Sugarplum Lane//Moccs from Gracious May

TGIF! I had the craziest week ever, so chaotic. The hubs, and I with W in tow, are off to Maine for the weekend for a friends wedding (follow our adventure on Insta!). We are leaving Luke behind with his Grammy, and I am super sad about it, but he will have a blast. Above is one of my favorite new outfits for W. How seriously cute are those shorts? I love the moccs too, perfect for fall. Hope you all have a great weekend xo!

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