3 Meditation Tips


Never in my dreams could I ever image meditating. Clearing your mind so that you are thinking about nothing? And relaxing? Ya RIGHT! However, after years of yoga, I have recently been able to meditate. I have three tips that I think will help you too. Let me know what you think…

1.Pick the best time of day: I happen to be SO tired in the morning so that is the best time for me. When tired, I feel like it’s easier to meditate rather than in the middle of the day when you have 750 things running through your mind of what you need to get done. Night time works too for some people, and it could help you get ready for a peaceful sleep. I recommend the same time every day to create a healthy habit.

2. Set the scene: Dimming the lights and creating a comfy space to meditate is essential. I love laying my yoga mat out and placing the bolster pillows down, with a blanket on top. It becomes this little nook to relax on. Some other tips to help you find your calm are lighting a candle and putting on some light zen music. There is a great app that helps me called “Head Space.” I also recommend trying the podcast “Choose Muse.”

3. Get lost in your breath: My lovely yoga instructor always says this. I could never quite grasp what it meant. I would say it over and over again in my mind and then think about how I couldn’t get lost. Then one day it just clicked. When your thoughts start to invade your or your mind…get lost in your breath. Go back to thinking about breathing in and out deeply and slowly. Before you know it your are zenned out.

Non-Traditional Meditation Methods:

You don’t have to say “ommm” in order to meditate! There are many things you can do to zen out, and with practice you can clear your mind and set good intentions for your day.

1. Write first thing in the morning: Even if you are not a writer, writing down your thoughts in notebook and filling at least one page with words can be amazing for your psyche. When you write, don’t think about how it looks or what the finished product is.  Clear your mind and get lost in the words. I feel refreshed after I jot down the mess in my head before I interact with people.

2. Swimming: This is SO therapeutic! When you are concentrating on your breath, arm position, and making sure you kick, something amazing happens…your mind is free of thoughts and you just glide. It’s a great non-traditional way to clear your mind.


Zen diffuser that plays music! and a less expensive one

Yoga Mat and blanket

Bolster and Bolster

Great Music






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