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Didn’t have the chance to go somewhere warm this year for Spring Break? Ok, I didn’t either! BUT these are my “go-to” products to make it look like I did!

I LOVE the self tanners above. The facial lotion is perfect, it’s completely gradual and so is the body lotion. Don’t forget to exfoliate before you use both for the best results. The bronzer and lip oil are my all time favorite makeup products and I recently discovered this angled brush which is a game changer. The surf spray is an oldie but a goodie-I have been using it since my college days. Nothing beats how long I have been wearing this perfume.  It’s been 11 years! I started using it in the summer for the first two or three years, but now I wear it year round. It smells just like a vacation!

Do you have any favorites that can give a little Spring Break glow to your every day? I would LOVE to hear, comment below!


Kate Sommerville: ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, St. Tropez: Everyday Gradual Tan Body, bareMinerals: Faux Tan Face Gradual Grow, Sephora Collection: Pro Angled Brush, Too Faced: Soleil Matte Bronzer, Yves Saint Laurent: Rogue Pur Couture, Bumble and Bumble: Surf Infusion, Stacked Style: Como Crema


Most of us (mostly me) don’t truly embrace spring because we are thinking about how it leads us to summer and warmer weather. Spring is such a beautiful season! Birds chirping, delicious foods sprouting, and flowers blooming. We should all take some time to stop and smell the roses, literally! Here is my best advice on how to embrace these short spring months.

1. Connect with the Sunlight: There is nothing more I want to do than to sleep a few extra minutes in the morning, especially when it’s still cold outside. BUT I have been getting up a little earlier than usual to sit in this chair I have in my sitting room that gets amazing sunlight in the morning. I have a cup of tea and soak up the sun. By the time the morning hustle is over, that chair is in the shade so I have to get up a little earlier to catch it. Getting just a few minutes of sunshine really gets my day started.

2. Reconnect with the Earth: How can you do this? Easy! Go outside and take a walk, a nature hike, or sit on the grass for five minutes. You can even go as far as picking up trash in your neighborhood (Earth Day was last week but it’s not too late!). Enjoy nature and the outdoors! If I am feeling ambitious/have time I love to get in a kayak and paddle around. There is nothing like being on the water that connects you to Mother Earth.

3. Create a Shrine to Spring: This is something super fun you can do with the kids! You can create a little spring scene from a shoe box or a painting if you want to get crafty. But I suggest going outside and gathering things from nature and placing them under a tree. There are tons of branches, leaves and even flowers that have been blown around during the winter that you can find in your own yard. Ask the kiddos what they love about spring!

4. Do Something Creative:  I am not huge into crafts, I have to admit. At the end of the day I am EXHAUSTED! The last thing I want to do is paint or make something. I found this awesome class on Atly on hand lettering that is self-paced and fun. Taking a class and getting creative is a a great way to connect with spring awakening. Check out this post on other cool online classes as well.

5. Eat Spring Foods! We can pretty much eat any foods we want all year round, but if you pay attention to what is in season during the spring, you will most likely be eating more local and organic foods. Here is a good spring foods guide.

6. Feed the Birds: If you don’t have a bird feeder, I suggest you get yourself a small one to keep by a window. My husband got a ton of them a few years ago and I always thought it was annoying, but the most beautiful birds come to our yard, and it’s quite magical. I love this little one that goes right on your window.

7. Plant your Feet in the Ground: If all else fails, take your shoes off and go outside. Plant your feet right in grass or even the dirt and close your eyes. Just for a minute and listen to the world around you, breathe in the fresh air, then go inside and clean your feet;)

Photo by Leila Brewster

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We just got back from the West Coast on Friday night and are still a little jet lagged, so yesterday we spent the day outside walking and enjoying the New England spring! Since we spent the week in the city, I remembered this sweet little board book I bought for Luke when he was a little babe called The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. You might recognize the cover because…

La Petite Peach_The Little House 4 La Petite Peach_The Little House 5 La Petite Peach_The Little House 2La Petite Peach_The Little House 3La Petite Peach_The Little House 1

she also wrote Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel. Remember that book?! Anyways, The Little House is about a sweet little cottage that goes from living in the beautiful country to having a city built around it and then back to the country. I love the baby board version because it had Wesleigh interested, and it started a nice family discussion about what we love about the city and what we love about our little town. We take our quiet little town for granted this time of year because there isn’t a ton to do outside the house, but it’s a sweet little town we feel blessed to be a part of.

Do you talk to your kids about city/country life? Would love to know about it below!

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