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Our friend Val from The Red Balloon Photography  has done it again my friends. She knows just how to capture families and little ones. Here she captures a gorgeous family of four…

July 27, 2014

Kira Kids

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We are suckers for graphic tees, especially these kiddie ones from Kira Kids! Take a peek of our favorites below!

Kira Kids: Heart NY Cadigan, Kira Kids: Boombox Bear Sweatshirt, Kira Kids: I’m going back to Cali Tee, Kira Kids: Punk Pineapple Tee, Kira Kids: If I Ruled the World Tee, and Kira Kids: Southern Boys Tee

 Kira Kids: Floral Heart Tank, Kira Kids: SF Heart of the City Tee, Kira Kids: Number 6 Tee, and Kira Kids: Flamingo Tank, Kira Kids: Heart Palm Tree Shorts, Kira Kids: Little Star Dress, and Kira Kids: Flamingo Dress

Categories: Fashion, Kids, Notebook
Posted on July 27, 2014

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Animal Coats from Little Goodall

Marie Chantal Fall 2016

I am always super cautious about any type of juice or cleanse because I eat pretty healthy, so drinking my veggies has never been my thing. Always up for trying something new, the girls and I tested Bundle Organics. The organic, and delicious juice for pre-natal or breast feeding mama’s. I was pleasantly surprised, it’s perfect for mama’s on the go who don’t have time to juice themselves. And it’s completely safe because it’s pasteurized. Read more about Bundle Organics below…


“We get it – the moment you found out you were having a baby your brain kicked into overdrive. Suddenly you’re no longer dining for one and everything you put in your body matters. The questions never stop. How much broccoli is too much? Is it safe to eat an entire watermelon? Will your baby inherit your great uncle’s ears? It can be a confusing time.

Have no fear, we’re here to help (with the nutrition part… good luck with the ear thing!). Bundle Organics juices are packed with quality, organic fruits and veggies (we are extremely picky produce people) with an extra bump of vitamins and minerals essential for healthy prenatal development. Best of all, we’ve done all of the research and checked all of the boxes so you don’t have to. And – you might have to sit down for this – it actually tastes good. Really, you’ll want to drink it even after your little bundle of joy arrives. And why not? Folic acid, calcium, iron, and all the nutrients we have in our juices are good for pre-conception and breastfeeding too!”